Our showroom is conveniently positioned in the Chelsea Design Quarter, at the end of the King’s Road. Set over two floors with over 500 rugs in stock to select from.The showroom’s where you can also come in and take advantage of our bespoke service, a place to really feel the finishes and quality to inspire you to make the perfect rug.

2 New Kings Road, London, SW6 4SA
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Monday to Saturday 10.00 – 17.30, Sundays: Closed


Successful sizing for your luxury rug

Before embarking on the journey to find their perfect rug, we often suggest to clients that determining its ideal size is a fantastic place to start. It is the unfortunate truth that even the most beautiful of luxury rugs will …

Bazaar Velvet Contemporary Rugs – Frequently Asked Questions

What are the advantages of a rug that has been hand knotted? Hand Knotted rugs have a beautiful story behind them. This method of rug making has been used for centuries and is deeply embedded in the culture of many eastern civilisations. Each rug is the result of several months of loving craftsmanship by dozens of skilled artisans. This is visible in the surface of each rug, with the slight bumps and ridges that make each piece characterful and unique. A Hand Knotted rug is also a wise option in a practical sense. Each piece is almost indestructible, and can provide service and pleasure for countless years, even being passed down to the next generation. No rug made by any other construction method can deliver this level of robustness.

Elegant New Design Direction – Luxury Fabrics, Luxury Rugs, Luxury Interiors

An interior design revolution has begun. During the past few years our homes and stores have become flooded with minimalistic Scandinavian style furnishings. An aesthetic that was once refreshing, with its clean lines and simplistic forms, now no longer holds …

Vintage rugs – bringing character to a Victorian home

At Bazaar Velvet, we have the privilege to work with some of the best interior designers in the country, helping them to create stunning rooms for their distinguished clients. But there comes a time when the interior designers themselves feel …

Making Hand-Knotted Rugs

At Bazaar Velvet, we retain our loyalty to the principles of quality and craftmanship using the traditional centuries-old method of hand knotting. From inception to individually knotting each detail, we invite you to take a look through the process of creating our rugs.

Explore The Process

Bespoke Rugs

Whether you have your own design or want to customise one of our designs, we provide a bespoke service that will give you complete control over design, colour and size. Everything is done in-house so we can graphically visualise what you imagination can muster, before a single knot is tied on your custom made rug.

Explore Bespoke Rugs

Discuss your space with us, let our experience and passion help you find the perfect rug for your room.