Life Is Good

There are no other rugs in the world like those of the ‘Hand writing’ collection. It has been designed by one of the world’s foremost rug designers Jurgen Dahlmanns to the highest artistic and technical standards. Although the design idea appears so basic yet the weaving and construction is highly complicated and intricate.

The rug is made of the finest wool in 6-ply strands (most handmade rugs use 1-ply or 3-ply). The designs require each ply to have a mixture of colours, so within an apparent ‘colour block’ there is actually numerous colours. Varying the proportion of colours within each strand creates gradual colour change, achieving the appearance of three dimensional depth. Normally oriental handmade rugs only attain colour variants either by accidental natural colour variations (known as ‘abrash’) or by using a different colour wool for each knot (thus producing ‘step’ changes in colour). However, this new technique – which is being used for the first time – gives a stunning multi- layered colour effect.

  • Hand Knotted Bikaner Wool and Chinese Silk
  • Stock sizes 240×170 & 300×240 subject to availability
  • Any other sizes available to order

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