Vintage Tulu 267×134

Primitive hand-made rugs are prized by collectors because they represent the real art of the weavers and their environment. They were not made for the marketplace, but to provide warmth and softness within the nomadic tents. Their designs are to add colour and their symbols to protect from the evil spirits of the night.

Bazaar Velvet has managed to acquire old mystical rugs from Central Anatolia known as ‘TULUs’. These were woven around Obruk and Karapinar and are distinguished by their incredible colours, their simplicity and most obviously their long silky woollen piles which sometimes extend to several inches, and probably are over 50 years old. They have a very shaggy appearance, a primitive construction and an irregularly cut pile. Their size depends on whatever wood was around to be used for the loom. The nomad’s herds have provided the wool which is then hand spun and woven. They are magical and rare insights into a past way of life in the East.

Available size: 267×134

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