A Guide to Bedroom Rugs

In any home, the bedroom is a place of sanctuary. Representing privacy, comfort and room for relaxation, decorating your bedroom is an important and delicate operation.

There is a strong psychological aspect to our relationships with rooms. And much in the same way you wouldn’t make the rash decision to paint your bedroom orange (an energetic colour – great for a gym, not for rooms of rest), you shouldn’t rush into getting a rug for it either.

At Bazaar Velvet, it’s not just rug design that gets us excited – it’s rug application too. So we’ve put together a short guide for people looking to introduce a rug to their bedroom.

Will the room benefit from a rug?

Rationalising this answer is one the most important parts of deciding on the rug for your bedroom.

It doesn’t matter if you have hardwood flooring or a wall-to-wall carpet – sometimes, it’s just not necessary to have a rug. For example, hardwood spaces can give a spacious and airy effect that can be impaired by the presence of a rug. When you use a rug it should be contributing to the room, not detracting.

However, we’re not suggesting that all hardwood spaces shouldn’t have rugs. Bedroom rugs can be great for the following:

– Providing a luxuriously soft landing for your feet

– Keeping your toes warm in the winter

– Soaking up sound

– Retaining heat

Where should it go?

This is significantly related to the size of the space you’re working with and your rug placement preferences.

Some people believe that when a rug is used in a bedroom, it should be entirely on or entirely off. This means that the rug should be either sitting squarely underneath the bed with an equal amount exposed at each available side, or not underneath the bed at all.

For others, there is a popular belief that only the bed’s footboard should rest on the rug, meaning that the rug is not quite entirely underneath, with a space left between the rug, headboard and wall.

Alternatively, you may not want any part of the rug underneath the bed. In this case we would recommend a rug about the same length of the bed in the centre of the room or centered directly next to the bed.

Remember the rug should be roughly the same length as the bed – one scenario you must avoid is the bathmat look.

Colour and pattern

One of the principle reasons for getting a rug is decoration, and just like any time you decorate, you have to take the existing decor into account.

Take a look around your bedroom and consider the styles, colours and textures at play. We’re not just talking about the furniture and wall colours either, you should also pay attention to your range of curtains, bed covers and any other soft furnishings like scatter cushions.

If you have a lot of solid or neutral colours without many discernable patterns, you can consider opting for a lightly coloured patterned rug which can add a nice area of unique interest. On the other hand, if you already have an abundance of patterns, you can select a plain coloured rug that complements other colours in the room.

Of course, if you’re planning to redecorate your bedroom entirely, you could simply select your favourite rug and use it as the inspiration to design and decorate the rest of the room.

As internationally acclaimed French designer and architect Andree Putman once said: I like to see a rug floating on a neutral-coloured ground, like an island.

With our range of amazing azure rugs, you can make your bedroom an idyllic islet of tranquility.

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