Bazaar Velvet’s Collaboration with Thibault Van Renne Featured on The Window

At Bazaar Velvet we’re incredibly proud of our collaboration with the world renowned Belgian designer Thibault Van Renne. Drawing inspiration from interior design trends, the art and fashion scene, as well as his travels to the Middle East as the child, Thibault’s pieces have not only caught our eyes, but also those at the distinguished design website The Window. With their passion for innovative design and an even greater interest in the story behind it, we are excited to see The Window celebrate the talent and expertise behind Van Renne’s hand knotted and carved rugs. Click here to view the article and discover more about Bazaar Velvet’s collaboration with the legendary Thibault Van Renne.

Bazaar Velvet Featured on The Window | Rug Store London

As the sole provider of Thibault Van Renna’s rugs in the United Kingdom, we are very honored to offer you exclusive access to his visionary work – view the full collection here.

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