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Our Bespoke Rug Service

With our in-house design team at your service, we can bring your perfect rug to life. All our designs can be adapted by size, colour and shape, or we can create unique designs from your ideas. From a single piece to multiple pieces, we can take on any commission project using our thirty years of experience.

Our design team are always on hand to guide you through the process, from determining the ideal rug size for your room, to recommending the best colours and weave for your creation. Our bespoke rug service is supported by physical samples combined with realistic computer-generated visuals. We offer many alternative qualities and materials that are not necessarily in stock, giving huge range of options to suit different types of projects and budgets.

pink and grey rug in light living room

Bespoke Rug Variations

There are a great range of options when it comes to bespoke rugs. Nearly all of our designs can be made in any size or colour – many at no additional cost per m2.

With our comprehensive rug design service, we can create a completely new design, or you can adjust a design from our collections.

By Shape
Our rugs can be ordered in any shape at no additional charge. This is perfect if you have an unusual shaped room or would like to fit a rug around your existing furnishing.

By Size
Bespoke and standard sizes are both calculated on the same per square meter basis, so you can have the exact dimensions to suit your room without having to compromise.

lev besp var

By Colour
Pinpoint specific colour tones for your rug using our range of over 2000 colours. These are all represented using our ‘colour pom’ yarn sample system for a more accurate colour indication. For our Core Collection and Floor Art rugs, this is offered at no additional charge,

By Texture
We offer a wide range of material options including various wools, silks and more. Various qualities and finishes are also available

colour poms for custom rugs

Visualising Your Bespoke Rug

The combination of real-life samples and specialist computer technology gives a comprehensive impression of your rug before a knot is even tied. We have numerous quality samples as well as over 2000 ‘colour poms’ -yarn samples dyed with referenced colours.

Our impressive rug design programme takes the guesswork out of visualising your custom rug. It can depict rugs from both flat and angled viewpoints with realistic texture. We can also superimpose your rug design into a photograph of your own room – giving an incredible impression of the finished product in situ.

bespoke design station

Past Bespoke Rug Projects

We are proud to have worked on a vast range of bespoke design commissions including projects for hotels, universities, embassies, and other commercial settings. We have also created some fantastic designs for individuals.

From simple border or textured designs, to translating a floral watercolour painting- the opportunities really are endless. Whether you would like to submit a completed artwork, a piece of inspiration, or a design concept you would like us to work with, our experienced team are always happy to embrace a new challenge and create original drawings.

momo bespoke


The price of a bespoke rug can vary greatly according to the materials you want to use and the complexity of the design. We always work closely with our clients to find the best options to suit their design requirements and budget. Furthermore, we do not add any additional charges for our design service, so having a rug made to order may cost less than you think.

Please reach out to us with your ideas or requirements by filling in the details below or call us on 020 7736 9693 and one of design team will be happy to assist.

core collection samples


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