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Silk Rugs – The Ultimate Luxury Rug Material

Silk Rugs – The Ultimate Luxury Rug Material

Why Choose A Silk Rug? Silk has been used as a luxurious fabric for thousands of years, the use of silk gives a sumptuous softness and glowing lustre that feels heavenly cool and decadent to the touch. Silk rugs have

What is the best wool for a hand knotted rug?

The Making Of A Hand Knotted Rug

The Making Of A Hand Knotted Rug At Bazaar Velvet, we are immensely proud of the natural material & quality that many of our rugs are created from. Of course, we are talking about the wonderful durability and practicality of

Guide: Identifying different types of oriental designer rugs

Elegant, timeless and stunningly beautiful, Oriental-inspired designer rugs are the pinnacle of luxury rug design. As interior design trends lean once more towards more decorative finishes, the delicate floral elements of a transitional rug create a luxurious backdrop to a

Vintage Patchwork Multi – Vintage rug by Bazaar Velvet

Discover the Many Benefits of a Rug

At Bazaar Velvet, we are passionate about rugs. We have installed our beautiful designer rugs in a huge range of different settings; from classic and contemporary homes, to bars, restaurants and grand embassy buildings. Watching their transformation is always a

How to Choose a Luxury Rug for Your Room

When considering how to refresh the décor of a room in your home with little effort, an eye-catching rug is an underused element of home improvement. Whilst many people turn to the walls and furniture to try to breathe new

Bazaar Velvet, The Rug Industry and Covid-19

This is a difficult time for small independent business’s like Bazaar Velvet, as well workers around the world, including our weavers in Nepal and India. Find out how we are adapting our services during this period to continue serving our

Interior Design Trends for 2020

The new year is expected to bring a fresh new wave of interior styles, with raw natural materials, bold colours and decadent finishes all taking center stage. The interior looks for 2020 take inspiration from many different eras, with the

How to Style a Christmas Table

It’s undeniable that a huge part of Christmas celebrations orbit around the festive table. From Pre-Christmas gatherings, to the all important Christmas Dinner itself, many hours will be spent here making merry with friends and family, so make sure your

Colour Trends Summer 2019 – Interior Design

With Summer 2019 fast approaching, now is the perfect time for an interior update incorporating some of the latest trends. The Colour Trends Summer 2019 continue along the theme of 2019’s Pantone Colour ‘Living Coral’; with warm, earthy colours being

Bespoke Rug Company – Creating Custom Rugs

At Bazaar Velvet, we are committed to working closely with our clients to help them find their ideal bespoke rug- whether it involves making simple adjustments to an existing design, or creating a completely new design from scratch. Our talented

Striped Rugs – Stylish Contemporary Rugs

No type of contemporary rug design holds quite the same mass appeal of striped rugs. They have a clean, simple aesthetic yet are enriched with a sense of fun that can really lift a room. There are numerous different styles


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