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How to Choose a Bedroom Rug – Rug Decorating Tips

In any home, the bedroom is a place of sanctuary. Representing rest, comfort and relaxation, decorating your bedroom is an important and delicate operation, and so the choice of a bedroom rug is of great importance.
There is a strong psychological aspect to our relationships with rooms. The colours, textures and patterns found in different items of furnishing will all have an effect on your mood. Much in the same way you wouldn’t paint your bedroom a new colour without careful consideration, you shouldn’t rush into choosing a new rug either. At Bazaar Velvet, we are passionate about both rug design and rug styling, and believe the correct rug placement is just as important as the rug itself. We’ve put together a short guide of rug decorating tips for people looking to choose a bedroom rug.
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Bedroom rug with Ribbed Taupe | Bazaar Velvet
Ribbed Taupe Rug from Bazaar Velvet – Please Enquire

Why have a Rug in a Bedroom

Particularly if you have hardwood flooring, a luxury rug can bring numerous benefits to your room, both in it’s appearance and practical use. On cold mornings and evenings, there is nothing more comforting than a soft rug underfoot; no one one wants to walk on hard flooring with bare feet. Once more, a rug can even increase the temperature of the room itself providing insulation to the floor. Sound insulation is also a bonus, great for helping you get a good nights sleep. A rug is an essential part of the interior design of a bedroom. It gives the room a much softer aesthetic than bare floor and can be used to divide the space into separate zones; making it appear more orderly. At Bazaar Velvet we strongly believe nothing makes a room look and feel more warm and welcoming than a rug- this is never more true than in a bedroom.

Bedroom Rug Sizing and Placement – How to Choose the Correct Size For a Bedroom Rug

Depending on the size space you are working with, and personal taste, there are several different options for bedroom rug placement.
The old school of thought when it came to bedroom rugs, was to have the bed entirely on the rug or entirely off. In other words, that the rug should be either sitting squarely underneath the bed with an equal amount exposed at each available side, or not underneath the bed at all.
grey bedroom rug bespoke
Bespoke Rug by Bazaar Velvet – Please Enquire
However, the current trend when it comes to bedroom rugs, is to extend the rug a fair way in front of the foot of the bed and around the sides, whilst leaving a bare strip of floor at the headboard end just in front on the wall. Bedside tables are placed either fully off the rug, or half on half off like in the image of the room above. This bespoke rug by Bazaar Velvet is sized generously which brings numerous benefits to the room, in regards to both comfort and design; but if you only have room for 60cm or so of rug around the bed this is also fine. Just make sure you are able to walk all the way around the bed whilst keeping your feet on the rug.
Alternatively, you may not want any part of the rug underneath the bed. For example, some clients prefer to have runners placed either side of the bed, or at it’s foot. If you choose this option, aim for a rug a similar length or width to the bed. Be careful not to choose a bedroom rug that is too small as it can start to look like a mat which will cheapen the feel of the room.
grey bedroom rug
Andante Rug by Bazaar Velvet – Please Enquire
If you are lucky enough to have a very large bedroom with space for a seating area, a rug is a perfect way to divide the two areas of the room. This is can be seen in the bedroom image above. This can really benefit the layout of the room making its style deliberate and well defined.

How to Choose a Bedroom Rug Colour and Design

One of the principle reasons for introducing a rug to your interior is decoration; and just like any time you decorate, you have to take the existing decor into account.
Take a look around your bedroom and consider the styles, colours and textures at play. We’re not just talking about the furniture and wall colours either, you should also pay attention to your range of curtains, bed covers and any other soft furnishings like scatter cushions.
If you have a lot of solid blocks of colour without many discernable patterns, you can consider opting for a lightly patterned rug which can add a nice area of unique interest. On the other hand, if you already have an abundance of patterns, you can select a plain coloured rug that complements other colours in the room, perhaps picking an accent shade from a secondary colour of a fabric print or accessory. Opt for soft pale or muted colour to give the space a restful mood.
Of course, if you’re planning to redecorate your bedroom entirely, you could simply select your favourite rug and use it as the inspiration to design and decorate the rest of the room.
As internationally acclaimed French designer and architect Andree Putman once said: ‘I like to see a rug floating on a neutral-coloured ground, like an island.’ With the amazing range of beautiful luxury rugs available at Bazaar Velvet, you can make your bedroom an idyllic islet of tranquility.

How to Choose a Bedroom Rug Material

The great thing about choosing a rug for bedroom is practicality needn’t be a primary concern. In this area shoes are rarely worn and there is low foot traffic, so even delicate materials can be considered. Soft textures are perfect for the bedroom as they are a treat for bare feet, and a more sumptuous texture can add a feeling of warmth and comfort to a room. Real or artificial silk rugs are a popular choice for a bedroom, as they give a luxurious hotel-chic ambiance. Alternatively a thick or shaggy pile wool rug can create a cosy atmosphere that is perfect for a bedroom.
To find out more about how to choose the perfect size rug for any room of the house, read our Definitive Guide
If you have any questions about how to choose a bedroom rug, or have any other rug queries, please do not hesitate to contact us
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