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At Bazaar Velvet, we are committed to working closely with our clients to help them find their ideal bespoke rug- whether it involves making simple adjustments to an existing design, or creating a completely new design from scratch. Our talented design team use the latest specialist software to create your design with ease. Multiple variations can be formulated within a short space of time and realistic computer visuals created. We can verify colours using wool/silk colour poms (yarn samples) and show you qualities using our various design samples. We are a specialist bespoke rug company based in the UK, and our custom rug design service is free of charge, with prices being calculated on the same square meter basis as our stock rugs. Hand Knotted rugs have a lead time of 16-18 weeks and Hand Tufted rugs a lead time of 10-12 weeks.

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Your Bespoke Rug – Getting Started

Although bespoke rugs can be created from any artwork you provide, you don’t need to be a professional designer to have a rug made with us. We can work with any ideas you have to help you achieve your desired aesthetic.
If you’re unsure of where to start, try the following

  • Consider the existing elements of your room such as patterns and colours from fabrics and accessories.
  • Browse our website to discover existing designs that can be used for inspiration or even adjusted to meet your needs
  • Draw on other creative sources to find a design or colour that brings you joy. It can be anything from a print on a favourite item of clothing to a cutting of decorative paper

Alternatively, just take a photograph of your room. As a specialist bespoke rug company, we can do all the work for you.
Almost any design can be turned into a rug, but as our rugs are made entirely by hand, we have to simplify very complex designs to make them ‘weavable’. Your design will not just be printed onto a rug! When thinking about your rug design please bare in mind there will be a premium to pay if it contains more than 10 colours, and very fine detail can only be achieved with a very high knot counts which comes at a higher price.
IMPORTANT: Remember to measure your room- sizing is paramount and you won’t be charged extra for a bespoke size*
(*for bespoke Nepalese Hand Knotted and Hand Tufted rugs. Not for Hand Knotted Persian designs made in custom sizes)
Read our guides on rug size and rug design for more helpful advice

Adjusting a Bazaar Velvet Rug Design

Any Bazaar Velvet Design can be made to order in bespoke sizes, but for maximum flexibility choose one from our Core Collection.
Core Collection Rugs can be adjusted in the following ways:

  • By Colour- over 2000 colours to choose from
  • By Size– any custom size available at no additional cost
  • By Shape– any shape including round, or with simple cut outs or curves
  • By Design– we can change scale, add border or make any other adjustments
  • By Material – we offer a wide range of materials including wool, silk, cashmere, cotton, hemp and bamboo which can be combines to meet your design vision or budget needs.
  • By Construction– a hand knotted rug can be made in various densities depending on the design. Higher knot counts achieve more details whilst lower knot counts reduce the price. We can also create simple designs in a hand tufted quality, giving a lower price point and shorter lead time

We also have a wide range of designs in our archive for which the same rules apply. These can be emailed to you on request.

Ordering Bespoke Rugs at Bazaar Velvet

Once you have approved both computer visuals and colour samples, you can place a rug order with us. We request a 50% deposit to begin the making process, with the remaining balance due 14 days before delivery.

Lead Times are as follows:

Collection Quality Lead Time
Bespoke Design Hand Knotted, Nepalese 16-18 weeks
Bespoke Design (simple designs only) Hand Tufted 10-12 weeks
Core Collection and Floor Art Hand Knotted Nepalese 16-18 weeks
Core Collection Hand Tufted 10-12 weeks
Bohemia, Impasto, Transitional Hand Knotted, Persian Knot 6-7 months
Mystique Master-Weave Hand Knotted, Persian Knot, Extra Fine 7-9 months
Pacha Hand Knotted, Nepalese 14-16 weeks
Vintage Patchwork Assembled patches of vintage rug 3 weeks
Flatweaves Hand Knotted Flatwoven 60 days

At Bazaar Velvet we are passionate about creating rugs using the traditional method of hand knotting. Having your rug made in this way will allow for more detail and more texture and material options than a hand tufted rug. The Hand Knotting process is completed by dozens of skilled artisans using a technique that has remained unchanged for over a century. This gives every rug a unique character and a level of robustness unsurpassed by any other making method.
This means your perfect bespoke rug will resist the wear and tear of everyday life and will not be ruined by one accidental spillage. It can be easily spot cleaned at home and be refreshed every few years by a professional rug cleaning service. If cared for properly your bespoke hand knotted rug can last a lifetime.
Find out more about caring for your rug.

Why Choose Bazaar Velvet as your Bespoke Rug Company

We use our specialist knowledge combined with the latest technology to provide you with a friendly and professional service.
Features include:

  • A choice of over 2000 colours, represented both on screen and in wool and silk colour poms (yarn samples)
  • Quick and easy design creation by our artistic design team, providing multiple options if requested
  • Samples of qualities and examples of previous designs to view
  • Expert advice on choosing the right quality and size to suit your design and budget
  • Clear design visuals showing your bespoke rug with realistic texture, as well as in-situ views using photos of your own room

rug showroom london

For customers who are within reach of our London Showroom, we usually recommend making an appointment. Depending on the complexity of the rug design/colour adjustments, we may be able to create visuals and finalise colours during your visit. When creating complex designs or working with clients further afield, we are able to email design visuals and post colour samples.
We are committed to working towards a final design that fits your artistic vision as well as your budget and practical needs.
Read our bespoke rug guide to find out more about the bespoke design process at Bazaar Velvet and how we create beautiful custom rugs.

How to Contact us – Bazaar Velvet UK Rug Company

We have over 30 years experience in the rug industry, so let us use our expertise to help you create your perfect rug
Email Us– take the opportunity to send photos of your room and furnishings
Phone Us– discuss your project with us and we can answer all your questions
Visit our Showroom–  meet our team and take the opportunity to view existing rugs and samples, and our design software. If you have any fabric/paper/floor samples, don’t forget to bring them along.
Furthermore, we also offer a home consultation service to many of our local clients. If this is something you would be interested in, please do not hesitate to contact us.



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