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Colour Psychology in Interior Design

silk web hand knotted rug by bazaar velvet

Home decor is often considered only a matter of aesthetic. The objects we choose to fill our homes with, and their associated colours, are often selected because they grab our immediate attraction. However, the interior design design of our homes actually has a much deeper importance. And so colour psychology in Interior Design comes into play.
When designing a room, one should never forget the strong impact that colours have on us. Different colours are associated with different moods and behaviours. We might not be fully aware of this, but colors really play a vital role in our life.
This is why it is so important to get the right balance between them, especially when it comes to interior design. In your house, colours should play with each other, as well as nicely respond to lights, objects, and spaces.
If you like the idea of creating a beautiful and healthy interior, a place that truly feels like home, here is some practical and useful advice on how to use colour psychology in Interior Design.

pale living room

Light colours make a room look Bigger

Not everyone has the privilege of a spacious house or room, but the good news is that we can all create the illusion of space. There are plenty of tricks that you can use to make your home look larger than it actually is. Light and bright colours such as light blue, pink and soft peach are just a few of the best combinations that convert a tiny interior into a seemingly bigger one.

Strategic Colours for the Entrance

An entrance is a transitional space that draws the line between the inside and outside of your home. Although not much time is spent there, it is important to get the right colour. After all, this is the first space that you and your guests are faced with when entering your home! Never create a strong contrast between inside and outside: colour continuity is what you need. By softening the transition between inside and outside, natural and artificial, you will bring an harmonic and unique atmosphere to your house. For this reason, woody tones as well as nature-inspired motifs always remain a good choice for an entrance hall.

Warm up your home with Bright Colours during the Winter

During winter many of us suffer from a lack of light. To counter the winter-blues, why not add warm colors such as reds, oranges and yellow to your home decor? This mid century style living room is a great example. Adding an injection of mustard yellow in the sofa and patchwork rug, make the space so much more welcoming.
colour psychology in interior design - yellow patchwork rug
Yellow Vintage Patchwork Rug by Bazaar Velvet
Interestingly, these energetic colors raise the perceived temperature of a room. When combined with stylish decorative patterns, bright candles and table lamps, the result is truly amazing. You can easily create the warm, elegant and pleasant living space that we all need during the wintertime.

Stay cool with blue shades in the summer

In contrast to the Winter months, the colour palette for the summer is based on cool colors. Turquoise, cobalt and ice blues are the best hues for creating a summer oasis in your house. The combination of blue tones not only recreates the image of summer skies and rippling waters, but it also makes your home look fresh, cool and clean.
blue rug colour psychology

Bazaar Velvet’s ‘Organic Abrash’ rug gives a welcome lift to this dining room. The calm ocean blue is given an injection of fun with shots of bright playful pinks and yellows.

Use colors from your past

We experience our lives in color. Although colors evoke similar emotional responses in most people, there is not a universal truth. We all have our own perception of colours because we associate them with personal memories and feelings. When decorating your home, always try to use familiar colours.
Why not start creating your palette with some of your most cherished items: the green of your favourite dress, the navy blue of your mum’s jacket, the pale yellow of that lemon cake you liked so much?
They will bring those memories back and create a feel-good home.

Practice using Colour Psychology in Interior Design with a Luxury Rug

A perfect way to inject colour into your interior is with a designer rug.
If you’d like help with choosing a rug for your home, we’d love to hear from you.


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