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Handmade Rugs – How and Why

Handmade rug

At Bazaar Velvet, we take great pride in bringing you some of the most stunning handmade rugs from around the world. We sell luxury handmade rugs of all shapes, sizes, styles, materials and designs, with a specialty in hand knotted rugs. However there are a wide range of different rug constructions on the market. Although some of these types of rug may look similar, they all have their own set of characteristics and on closer inspection the variation in quality is easily visible.
The variation in their wear with use is huge, so it’s really important to understand the differences between them if you want a rug that is going to be suitable for your space and provide you with more than a couple of years of use. For those who are not familiar with the different kinds of rug construction, here’s a short guide to help you make sense of the world of handmade rugs.
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handmade rugs

Hand Knotted Rugs

Creating this type of rug involves knotting strands of wool of silk around cotton foundation threads on a traditional loom. Weavers work across the rows, changing threads for each new colour. Each hand knotted rug contains thousands of hand tied knots, a process that takes 2-4 weavers several months to complete. The rug than undergoes a process of washing stretching and carving, all performed by hand by skilled artisans.
Hand knotted rugs are regarded as the highest quality of rug. The process has barely changed in hundreds of years, so you can compare your hand knotted rug to an Antique Persian Carpet that is still in good condition after decades of use. Find out more at

Hand Tufted Rugs

These modern handmade rugs make up the majority of rugs available today and are quicker to produce than more traditional methods. Material, often wool or synthetic fibers, are injected into a backing material and then sealed and strengthened with an additional material, often hessian. Although often classified as handmade, they are in fact made by a handheld machine. The surface of a hand tufted rug, lacks the character of a hand knotted rug as it is completely uniform in its texture. The fact these rugs contain glue, greatly reduces their lifespan compared to a hand knotted rug as over time their edges can begin to curl.

Hooked Rugs

This style is often used by hobbyists due to it’s ease of construction. The carpeting material is drawn up through a hessian (burlap) cloth to create a rug of simple design. ‘Rag Rugs’ are created using this method, with strips of waste fabric being used to form the pile of the rug.

Needle Felted Rugs

In relation to the history of rug making, needle felted rugs are very young, having only been around for the last thirty years or so. The compact fibres of a needle felted rug are attracted to one another through electrostatic machinations. Rugs of this type are more expensive and more durable than most machine made rugs. As a result they are more often seen in high traffic commercial areas rather than in homes.

Woven Rugs

Woven rugs are far more traditional in their design. Most woven rugs these days are created on loom. The advantage if this is that several different coloured threads can be used. Using this method is the best if one is after an intricate design. The techniques of woven rug production can be used in conjunction with other methods of rug-making to create hybrid styles.

Hand Loomed Rugs

This type of rug is created on a flat loom which is hand operated by a set of levers. These push and pull fibers together to form a rug. Although the outward appearance of this type of rug is similar to that of a hand knotted rug, the finished product is in fact extremely flimsy. The yarns that form the pile are only held together by the tension of the surrounding yarns. This means areas can get worn out very easily and the whole rug can easily stretch out of shape.

Flat Weave Rugs

Flat weave rugs are a type of handmade rug created with longer threads or pieces of material. Instead of tying the threads around the base and trimming, they are both knotted and woven to create a rug that doesn’t have a pile. The finished piece is therefore very light and flexible and the same on both sides. It is very hard wearing, but is best placed on top of an underlay to give it body and stop it from slipping on your floor.

Embroidered Rugs

Embroidery is an ancient pastime, and compared to modern techniques, this method takes a little bit more time to complete! Instead of a loom, materials are hand sewn into the backing material. This means that the attention to detail is second to none. It can also mean (due to the high number of man hours used in each rug’s creation) that the rug can be quite expensive.

Why buy Handmade Rugs in 21st Century?

So you’ve read about some of the rug making techniques available. You have it in your head now that you want a modern designer rug; but how should you justify your purchase? Here are a few reasons why you should purchase a luxury rug:


One of the principle reasons why someone would want a rug is for decoration. Have a hallway that is lacking colour or pizzazz? Brighten it up with a lively rug!

Sound dampening

The sound of footsteps from the dance studio upstairs keeping you up all night? Rugs have fantastic soundproofing capabilities. So buy them a rug and get a good night’s sleep.


Although hard floors are practical, they lack the same ability of rugs and carpets to retain heat. Keep your home warmer and save money on heating bills by investing in a couple of rugs.
Find out more about different rug constructions and materials, and what makes a quality luxury rug, using our Definative Guide to Rug Quality or let our friendly team help you find your perfect handmade rug
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