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Home Updates in Lockdown – Easy Interior Tips

abigail ahern interior design with plants
Our homes are our palaces, yet none of us imagined we would be spending as much time in them as we have during the past few weeks. Although our pool of past times is now somewhat limited, improving our homes is one thing that is still feasible. With our surroundings now a little too familiar, quick and easy home updates in lockdown can lift our spaces and our mood.
Here we have gathered three great ways you can transform your interior during the lockdown- luxury rugs for an instant update, plants for a boost to well-being, and clever storage to maximise your tidying efforts.

home updates in lockdown

Home Updates in Lockdown #1 – Lift you Room with a Luxury Rug

Why you should introduce a rug to your space

Placing a beautiful luxury rug in your room is one of the quickest and easiest routes to a dramatic, stylish update. The impact of a well chosen rug shouldn’t be underestimated, it’s colours and design can completely transform the tone of a room. This can be a welcome change when our surroundings seem monotonous. In our opinion, no interior is complete without a luxury rug. A rug can greatly increase the comfort of your space, making it warmer, softer and more homely – all things we appreciate more in difficult times like these.

How to choose the right rug size

When beginning your rug buying journey, the best place to start is to determine the correct size. This will be key to the success of your rug. Many homeowners underestimate the size their rug should be. In a living room for example, your rug should sit underneath the front legs of the sofa, or underneath all legs if your room is large. In a bedroom, you should ensure there is least 60cm of rug bordering all three sides of the bed, and in a dining room, at least 50cm bordering the table.
Opting for a generous sized rug ensures it will provide comfort underfoot where needed. Furthermore, it will create a connection between items of furniture, making your room appear larger and more coherent.
Find out more about rug sizing

living room rug
Silk Web Rug in Living Room by Indigo Design

How to choose the right rug quality and materials

One of the most complex aspects to choosing a rug is determining the quality that is right for you. There are many different types of rug on the market, ranging from mass produced ‘throw-away’ items to beautiful handmade products that last generations. Hand knotted rugs are the premium choice- they are created using techniques that are centuries old, producing a piece that is virtually indestructible.
Second to these are hand tufted rugs. Despite often being described as ‘handmade’, these rugs lack the character of a hand knotted rug. Their finish is much more uniform and they are not expected to last more than 5-10 years.
Another important factor to consider is materials. For a rug that wears well and has resistance to stains, you should seek high quality natural materials. In terms of hardiness, Himalayan Wool and Bikaner Wool are the most superior options as their natural oils make the fibers extremely soft and to resistant stains. If you would like the luxury of silk, opt for genuine silk opposed to imitation silk, as natural materials will outlast synthetic materials and also are easier to maintain.
Find out more about rug quality

How to choose the right rug design and colours

Lastly, the most exciting stage of choosing a rug, colours and design. Primarily, you should buy a rug because you love it, but always consider the impact it will have on a room. For example, a pale rug will draw in more light to a room, where a darker rug will give a room a more intimate feel. Neutral coloured rugs are often regarded as a ‘safe’ option, but ensure you do not match the colour to your sofa as contrast between furnishings is crucial for an effective outcome.
A rug is also a fantastic opportunity to express your personal style, add depth and create visual interest in your room. A flowing abstract design  can create texture and a bold pictorial design can provide a focal point.
For patterns, choose a design of a different scale to those already found in your room, and combine geometrics with more curveliner shapes. A rug of multiple colour tones can be used to sew a scheme together, picking out colours in other elements of the room
bedroom rug
Bespoke Rug by Bazaar Velvet

Where to buy your rug

There has never been such a beautiful range of beautiful contemporary rugs to choose from. You should look to a well-respected rug specialists for superior luxury rugs in a quality you can trust. Although the Bazaar Velvet showroom is currently closed to visitors, we are still operating through our website and are able to take orders and complete deliveries. You can browse our collections online and phone or email us for further assistance.

Home Updates in Lockdown #2 – Improve Well-Being with House Plants

Why buy house plants

With a growing presence in the most enviable interiors, the value of the house plant is once again being recognised as it deserves. Whilst never leaving our homes, houseplants seemed to fall out of favour with the trendsetters of  the 90’s and early 2010’s, with a big focus on ‘clean’ minimal design. However, in the past few years, top interior designers are increasingly using them in their schemes, and now with the 70’s trend, they have never been so fashionable.
Once more, living in space surrounded by plants has numerous benefits, including purifying the air and lifting our mood. Even just seeing the colour green is proved to reduce anxiety, Plants allow us to reconnect with nature, and soften the visual space within which we live.

abigail ahern interior design with plants

Living room of Interior Designer Abigail Ahern

How to choose plants

Choosing a plant is a commitment, so it’s important to do your research. A plant will become part of your room scheme so looks do matter, but there is no point in choosing a pretty plant if it will die within a few days or weeks. Consider the characteristics of your space and the amount of time you are willing to devote to its care.
If you’re prone to forgetting to water your plants, choose hardy options such as suculents and cactus’s. Species such as Snake Plants, Fiddle Fig Leaf Plants and Rubber Plants and are all well known for being ‘impossible to kill’. Alternatively you could try a fake plant. Although this was once a design faux-pas, quality fake plants are now much more realistic, with top interior designer Abigail Ahern, even having her own range.
Every plant is best suited to different conditions, so its important to review the space in which you would like to place your plant. Take note of how much light the plant will get, the level of humidity and the temperature. You may also have to make compromises if you have children or pets or are often away on holiday. for long periods of time.
Much like choosing an ornament or home accessory, you should choose a plant you find visually attractive. Look for plants with interestingly shaped or pattern leaves, and contrast these with those of a different colour shape or scale. Mix plants that grow upwards with cascading plants for a beautiful indoor jungle.

Interior from

How to style plants

Layering plants is a great way to add depth to your interior. Plants can be placed in many different arrangements, giving visual interest at all levels. Try grouping a selection of small plants on a low table or sideboard, creating a mini-garden of different species. You can also try placing small plants on bookshelves or in windows to filter the light and draw the eye to the outside world.
Macrame hanging plants are also a top trend right now. Use plants that cascade down for a room softening look that emits a 70’s boho vibe. Large plants placed on the floor can also be great tools in interior design, filling bare corners and masking sharp changes in furniture style.
Choosing the right containers for your plants is also a consideration. Woven baskets and traditional terracotta pots are popular options right now, but make sure the surface underneath is properly protected. Conversely, for a more modern aesthetic try rectangular or cylindrical containers. Feel free to experiment with different colours and patterns but make sure there is some consistency with your chosen style.


Where to buy

With the country currently on lockdown, look to online retailers to purchase your plants. QVC UKWaitrose Garden, and Patch Plants all have a great selection of indoor plants.

Home Updates in Lockdown #3 – Re-Organise your Space with Innovative Storage

Many of us are using our extra time at home to give attention to cluttered spaces that have been ignored for too long. However, despite our best efforts to clear and sort, many of us suffer with large pieces of furniture that don’t quite fit their purpose, and their contents quickly becomes muddled again after each each tidy.  However, now is a great time to review your storage solutions. Consider the problems you face day to day, and update, improve or replace your furniture to fit your needs,


Whatever piece of storage furniture you are looking to re-organise, the aim is to ensure your possessions are easy to access and stay tidy in the long term. The key to this is creating segments for each type of item. Once you’ve emptied out your furniture, asses what items you would like to keep. Measure both your items and your furniture, and choose an internal storage solution that will work in harmony with both.
Draw dividers for example are a fantastic organisation tool. With, you can even have drawer inserts made to your exact dimensions. For cupboards, consider free standing drawers as these are much easier to access than piles of boxes. For areas where your storage is on show choose decorative pots and baskets. Try for a beautiful range stunning luxury storage items.

Use Multi-Purpose Furnishing

Small spaces are a common complaint of British homeowners, and as a result, many companies now provide soft furnishings that feature hidden spaces to stash your items. For the living room, consider an ottoman with storage hollow, or a coffee table with draws or shelves underneath. For the bedroom consider a bed with built-in storage. Draws can be a great help, but to fully maximise your space, choose a bed with a lifting matress. Try the Emilia Ottoman bed from for a beautiful luxurious option.
living toom with built in shelving by Taylor Howes
Living Room by Taylor Howes Interior Design

Make use of Height and Empty Alcoves

Thinking upwards will maximise your storage capacity without making your room feel crowded. Free standing industrial-style units are very on-trend right now, as are ladder shelves which is perfect for a small space. Also consider modular furnishing solutions. These have come a long way in the past few years, with many sophisticated choices now available in addition to Ikea-style block shelving. Try On&On for some slick contemporary options in modular shelving.

Want to start your home update in lockdown with a rug?
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