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Looking Ahead to Interior Colour Trends in 2024

Our Interior Colour Trends for the end of 2023 and looking ahead into 2024.

Blushing Rose

Experience the enchantment of delicate, dusty pink shades that effortlessly blend neutral tones with a gentle touch of rose warmth.

Viola Rose, a stunning piece from our core collection beautifully captures this aesthetic with a luxurious combination of silk and wool.

Interior Colour Trends


Experience the elegance and sophistication that fresh, clean and neutral vanilla colours bring. These effortlessly versatile tones infuse interiors with an instant burst of luminosity, effortlessly enhancing any space.

silk web vanilla r in Living Room Dotinus

silk web vanilla r Folded View 1

Embrace the Warmth of Inky Blues

While blue is commonly linked to cold colours, the allure of inky blues defies expectations. These captivating shades bring warmth into your space, infusing it with a sense of identity and character.

Madrasa blue grey in Living Room Ectoheve

Madrasa blue grey Visualization

Introducing Refreshing Sage Greens

Renowned for their association with health and rejuvenation, green tones are the perfect choice to create a lush and uplifting ambiance in any room of your home. It’s unparalleled ability to breathe life into every space mirrors the harmonious tones of nature, instilling a sense of wellness and vitality.

Our Levantine Rug will transform your space using these shades.

Levantine 1 bespoke Visualization


Unleash your imagination and create a truly unique rug using your favourite colours with our personalized service. Witness your rug come to life before it’s even made!

Visit Us

Explore our extensive collection of rugs online or immerse yourself in a world of endless options at our showroom. With thousands of rugs in stock, finding the perfect one for your space has never been easier, and if you’re unable to visit us, one of our team is more than happy to bring the rug shopping experience to you!

Showroom Outside 2023 2

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