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Interior Design 2018 – Colour Trends Revealed

With the trend predictions for interior design 2018 now coming flooding in, there’s no shortage of industry advice on the colours that should feature in our interiors in the coming year. However, no colour appears in isolation. Interpreting different hues into a room setting and combining them effectively can be a challenging process, but take your cue from the colour experts and the perfect interior scheme is well within reach.

Colour Trend Overview – Interior Design 2018

interior design 2018 discretion sherwin williams
Elle Decor Sherwin Williams

Colour: Pink

Pink is shaking off its connotations with femininity to become a colour that everyone can relate to. The mid-depth shade of ‘Millenial Pink’ has fallen out of favour with experts, who are currently drawn to either vivid fuchsias or very soft shades shuch as Pantones purple based ‘Spring Crocus’ or the more coral toned ‘Blooming Dahlia’.

Pallet: Discretion

This colour can serve multiple different purposes within a colour scheme, adding warmth and personality. It is being described as the essential ingredient of the new generation of minimalist interiors. In Pantone’s ‘Discretion’ Hawthorn Rose is combined with Elderberry and other chalky tones for a calming unobtrusive scheme, where colours harmoniously flow into one another.

intensity interior design 2018 trend

Colour: Black

Many will agree with Interior Designer Abigail Aherns opinion that “Everyone’s afraid of trying out dark colors”. It comes as no surprise therefore, that black is vastly underused in our homes. However, this dramatic tone is becoming increasingly popular among designers, including Ahern, who says “once you’ve tried them (shades of black) you won’t look back.”

Pallet: Intensity

Here black acts as an anchor to a scheme of deep powerful colours for a lavish, dramatic effect. The pallet is lifted by luxurious gold accents. However, there is no reason why black cannot be paired with any colour. Colourists are increasingly advising using it in a similar way to a neutral to give a uniquely glamorous finish.

interior design 2018 orange and blue living room

Colour: Blue

The key shades here are Pantones new navy ‘Sailor Blue’ and the softer ‘Little Boy Blue’. Deep blue’s have had a resurgence in interiors in 2017 and it’s no surprise this is set to continue. Luxurious, sophisticated and easy to furnish to, the colour blue holds many irresistible qualities.

Pallett: Resourceful

This demanding colour scheme features complimentary blue and orange tones. Eiseman of Pantone, says it’s a combination you ‘just can’t avoid looking at’. Sherwin Williams’ Colourmix forecast features a similar palette, ‘Connectivity’ which is described as ‘modern and playful, bringing in dark watery tones of blue that are balanced with neutrals, warm yellow and energetic purples.’

interior design 2018 pale blue
Vogue Living

Colour: Metallic Neutrals

Pantone’s Eisman classes metallics as part of the ‘New Neutrals’. Soft Golds or silvers can be used as base colour rather than just an accent, replacing white marble as the most sought-after luxury finish.

Pallet: Intricacy

This colour pallet features touches of vivid red and yellow built upon layers of metallic neutrals. The overall mood is one of contemporary luxury with an unexpected edge, making it a perfect pair with another of 2018’s trends- velvet.
interior design 2018 yellow dining room
Elle Decor Sherwin Williams

Colour: Yellow

Yellow isn’t a colour often featured in interior design but when used correctly, its results can be truly stunning. Bright yellow highlights evoke a sense of fun, whist larger areas of more washed out yellows can bring spring-like freshness to an interior.

Pallet: Far Fetched

This is a perfect example of how yellow can be used within a chic and sophisticated interior. The travel-inspired colour palette of ‘Far-Fetched’ features the pale yet slightly earthy tone of Cornsilk Yellow, combined with terracottas and deep reds.

Colour Trends and Contemporary Rugs

Why not introduce some of these colours into your interior design scheme with a luxury rug?
A quick and stylish addition in Interior Design 2018.
interior design colour trend discretion
interior design colour trends intensity
interior design colour trend resourceful
colour trends 2018 3
interior design trends far fetched
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