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Interior Design Trends for 2020

The new year is expected to bring a fresh new wave of interior styles, with raw natural materials, bold colours and decadent finishes all taking center stage. The interior looks for 2020 take inspiration from many different eras, with the 1920’s, 1970’s and 1980’s all influencing the flavor of these modern concepts. There is a definite nostalgia to many of the Interior Design Trends for 2020, with bland and clinical styles being replaced by styles that prioritize comfort and homeliness and have great sense of fun.
Introducing all the biggest 2020 interior trends as predicted by the experts.

Vienna Straw Furniture - An Exciting Come Back To Modern Interior - WWW.AUTHENTICINTERIOR.COM design studio & blog
Image: Authentic Interiors

Interior Design Trends for 2020- Rattan and Vienna Straw

Introduce natural woven textures with raw plant weaves

Featuring in accessories to furnishings, rattan, vienna straw and other woven cane finishes are big news for 2020. Interior Design experts have recognized their prevalence in both Milan Design Week and Maison & Object this year, with director of noting woven cane and bamboo as one of the ‘most noticeable of trends’ of the show.
In particular, Viena Straw, a traditional hexagonal reed weave originating in 17th Century France, is being used by some of the most renowned furniture designers in Europe including Patricia Urquiola and Cassina. Originally used for chair seats due to its strong flexible properties, this material is now being applied in more innovative placements, such as decorative paneling and even lighting.
Nicole Fuller of Nicole Fuller Interiors has also noted this looks significance for 2020 and loves the nostalgic mood this material creates; “… it warmly reminds me of my childhood and has evolved in fresh and exciting ways whether in chairs, tables, or lighting, it is the perfect layer to balance modern and traditional style.”
rattan interior design
Image: Hulbert Zandberg
Rattan and reed pieces can be found to suit all budgets, with popularity growing in designer stores, high street brands and online retailers. Interiors site Ceraudo, launched their new furniture range back in April, peppered with 70’s inspired rattan pieces such as their Gaia coffee table which graced the pages of Vogue last spring. Also try Artimest or The Conran Shop for a great selection of Vienna Straw pieces.

Interior Design Trends for 2020 – Japandi

Combining Japanese Wabi-Sabi with Scandinavian Hygge

During the year, there has been growing interest in Japanese inspired interiors. As with Hygge, raw, unfinished materials are an essential feature of a Japanese scheme. This is born from the Wabi-Sabi aesthetic, ‘a world view centered on the acceptance of transience and imperfection’ which embraces beauty that is ‘imperfect, impermanent, and incomplete’. Unlike the pale untreated wood often found in Scandinavian schemes, an authentic Japanese aesthetic will feature darker, more elegant materials, such as burnt wood, bamboo, and finely woven rattan.
interior design trend 2020 japandi
Image: Heals
As the concept of Hygge is based upon creating an atmosphere of comfort and contentment, elements of these two design styles blend quite naturally. Introducing plants, fine silk textiles and traditional Japanese prints to a minimalist interior can add intrigue to your scheme, as well as a visual sense of warmth and depth. Look beyond predictable cherry blossom and bird designs and try more unusual Japanese designs, such as simple two-tone prints. For a an unusual characterful piece, try the Japanese Festival quilt by Postcards Home.
Classic Japanese colour schemes are often anchored with deep red and charcoal colour tones, which is vastly different from the neutrals and pale blues typical of Scandinavian decoration. Shaping a Scandinavian theme around these bolder colours will give an instant a ‘Japandi’ look.

Interior Design Trends 2020 – 20th Century Glamour

Blending 70’s chic with Art Deco

By fusing elements of the most luxurious design movements of the last century, the ‘New Luxe’ has a beautiful, timeless quality that is very desirable in 2020. This aesthetic is founded on elegance and quality finishes, pepped up with a sense of playful decadence. Take inspiration from the sleekness of the Art Deco Period, using marble, velvet and brass, and choose elegant furnishings with softly rounded corners or scalloped shapes. Try the new ‘Palazzo’ collection from John Lewis for some statement pieces. ‘The Palazzo collection channels a series of glamorous, 20th century influences reimagined.’ explains Fionnuala Johnston, Senior Designer, John Lewis. ‘The distinct silhouette of the Farrugia dining table, references a particular design style from the 1930’s called ‘Streamline Moderne’ which is characterised by soft linear architectural forms.’
interior design trend 2020 peter mikic
Image: Peter Mickic
However, this look shouldn’t be too classic. Expand of the creams and golds of traditional Art Deco and inject some colour- dusty pinks, emerald greens or Pantones colour of 2020- classic blue or ‘the sky at dusk’. Also, have fun with bold accessories and look for lavish details such as fringing or piping. The 70’s party scene is another source of inspiration, and can be channeled with a statement side board or a drinks trolley. Brass framed drink trolleys were huge for 2019 with retailers from Perch and Parrow to The Hackney Emporium stocking some magnificent pieces. This trend is set to stay for 2020 so invest in piece that will see you through many a celebration. This look is all about creating a grown up space for cocktails and fun, so be extravagant and accessorize to the maximum.

Interior Design Trends 2020 – Statement Rugs

Add bold designs to your floor with designer rugs

Highly patterned rugs were noted for their presence at Milan Design week and Maison & Object this year. The range of designer rugs currently on the market is huge, but to nail this trend, the bolder the better. Choose a design that really grabs your eye, rather than basing your decision on the room. Although you may wish to tie-in colours at a later stage, you should select rug as you select a piece of artwork, and buy something you love. A statement rug can provide a focal point for a room, and add a sense of personality that will transform the space.
07 04 17 rachel chudley0079 2
Image: Rachel Chudley Interiors
The rug market is currently saturated with hundreds of different retailers, but few offer truly original designs or quality construction. For the most long lasting rug, nothing can surpass a hand knotted rug. This is the traditional rug making technique, and since no glue or backing is involved in the process, these rugs are virtually indestructible.
For a statement rug, there’s no need to play it safe- choose a piece that is colourful and adventurous. A good place to start you search is the ‘Floor Art’ Collection by Bazaar Velvet. This incorporates bright geometrics, painterly abstracts and even pictorial designs. All of these are exclusive in-house designs which are made individually using the traditional method of hand knotting. A small range can be found in the Bazaar Velvet showroom, but designs can also be made to order, with bespoke sizes, colours and even bespoke designs also available. Anything is possible, so let your imagination take control.

Interior Design Trends 2020 – Abstract Shapes

Modern designs in retro shapes

Graphic abstract shapes will be featuring heavily in interiors in 2020. This incorporates both art-inspired fabric prints and furniture design in sharp straight shapes or cartoon-like bubbles. Tamara Honey of Decorist, is a big fan of this new look; “Our 2020 prediction for what is next is Neotenic furniture and accessories. We love the resurgence of chunky, organic shaped pieces that add an unexpected playfulness to any space.”
Christine Markatos Lowe of Markatos Design also sees bold shapes making a return in furniture design; “The 80’s are having a big comeback right now, and while most of the trends from that era are hard to swallow, the tubular forms we’re seeing in furniture harken back to that time and can be really fun and modern if done tastefully.” These shapes can really soften a space and add artistic flair.
interior design 2020
Image: Kelly Wearstler Interiors
In textile prints, a range of eras are being drawn from, including Bauhaus, which celebrates its 100th birthday in the coming year. The designers at John Lewis have marked this event with a special collection. Philippa Prinsloo, Partner & Head of Design Home at John Lewis & Partners explains the features of this look; ‘At home, to achieve a practical yet modern aesthetic, in line with the Bauhaus philosophy, opt for contemporary design pieces with clean lines’. Try mixing styles such as cubism and abstract expressionism, and be bold with colour.

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