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Jo Berryman Interior Design and Bazaar Velvet Luxury Rugs

Bedroom with Ribbed Taupe hand-knotted contemporary rug | Bazaar Velvet

At Bazaar Velvet, our relationship with the phenomenally talented Jo Berryman has spanned many years, providing the most beautiful luxury rugs for her high-end projects. As head of the renowned Interior Design Practice ‘Jo Berryman Interior Design’, Jo is now able to spread the gift of wonderfully designed spaces to lucky clients across the globe.

The Story of Jo Berryman Interior Design

This designer has certainly had a very colourful career. Her first job was as a fashion assistant at ‘Elle Girl’, and subsequent work at large fashion brands lead her on to set up her very own emporium in Marylebone. Her entry into field of interior design however, was wonderfully coincidental. It began with a feature in the celebrated home design magazine LivingEct. The piece was based on her own self designed bedroom, displaying her vibrant personality and sense of style.

So unique was the space, it came as a complete surprise when she was contacted with a request to recreate the look in another home. This first client was a make-up artist, who was so inspired by the photographs, she had been carrying around the magazine cutting for months. The project was such an overwhelming success, it became clear that interior design was a natural progression for Jo’s career and her company, now known as ‘Jo Berryman Interior Design’, was born.

Jo Berryman Beige gothic bedroom with luxury rug

Gothic Lodge Project by Jo Berryman- Ribbed Taupe rug by Bazaar Velvet

The Jo Berryman Look

The word glamour is one Jo uses often to describe her work. She defines it as something with ‘theatre and substance’ but ‘longevity and timelessness at heart’. She takes her inspiration from the 70’s and 90’s, and is a huge fan of River Phoenix. This began from childhood when she pasted images of him amongst her vogue covers on her bedroom wall. She still uses the film My Own Private Idaho as reference. Other idols include artist Rose Unicake, fashion photographer Deborah Turbeville and Vivienne Westwood for ‘her enduring ability to create and recreate with a sense of fun care-free abandon’.

Contemporary living room with luxury Levantine gold rug

Levantine Gold rug by Bazaar Velvet

Jo has certainly been able to express this sense of the unexpected in her interiors, which are eclectic to the extreme. She often uses a backdrop of soft muted colours to create a feeling of comfort and then layers with bold prints and colour. This can be seen in the living room of a gorgeous contemporary home she created in Hampstead Heath last year. After visiting our rug showroom near Hampstead, the client fell in love with the Levantine Gold luxury rug, which adds a sense of drama to the room alongside the single floral print chair.

Another penchant of Jo’s, is vintage and industrial pieces with visible signs of age and natural textures. She sources her antiques from a wide range of places including Wells Reclamation, Scaramanga and The French House. These add yet another layer of character to the rooms she creates. However, throughout all of her work, the customer is at the heart of the project. She insists on functionality for every member of the family.

This of course requires the use of the highest quality products. She sourced the beautiful ‘Ribbed Taupe’ contemporary rug by Bazaar Velvet for the bedroom of her ‘Gothic Lodge’ project. This room features an absolutely gorgeous free standing bathtub and sleigh bed which give the space a rustic charm.

Source Luxury Rugs Like Jo Berryman

Jo Berryman says ‘home should be the theatre of your life – it’s where you live and where memories are made.’ At Bazaar Velvet, we are delighted to play a part in this and look forward to supplying luxury rugs to this prestigious design practice for many years to come.

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