Moroccan Berber Rugs in Notting Hill

Benniz Berbers Living room Rug

One of our most recent installations was for a gorgeous town house in Notting Hill. The interior was being fully refurbished as the new owner wanted to inject her own vibrant personality into the space and make it her own. We combine Moroccan Berber Rugs with a traditional Kelim for an eclectic, bohemian feel.
Moroccan Berber Rugs | Bazaar Velvet Rug Shop London

Along with her interior designer Paulette Stevens, of Paulette Stevens Interior Design, she paid a visit to the Bazaar Velvet showroom. Almost the moment she arrived, she fell in love with one of our beautiful Benniz Berbers. They had been in our showroom less than a week, and we were delighted to see a customer as excited about these new arrivals as we were.

Their traditional designs and unique colourways were created in Morocco under the watchful eye of Christopher Mould, owner of Bazaar Velvet, and the whole team were absolutely thrilled at the results. We enjoyed sharing the story of these Moroccan Berber rugs, as they give a fascinating insight into the cultures and traditions of the Benni Quarain tribe. Despite looking at other items for comparison, in the end it became clear that this rare oversized Moroccan Berber rug was the perfect choice for our client, and looked completely at home in her living space.

The other area needing our attention turned out to be more of a challenge. Our client needed individual runners for several flights of stairs, and her and Paulette were keen to use summery colours to continue the beachy theme implied by the pale wood staircase. After researching potential bespoke designs, we agreed a flatweave construction would be the best way forward. Whilst in Peshwar, Northen Pakistan, we discovered some lovely traditional pieces that we knew would fit beautifully with this projects colour scheme and slightly bohemian aesthetic.

As some of the flights of stairs were very long, we carefully selected coordinating pieces to be stitched together. The end result was a stunning and completely unique enhancement of the space, that was a lovely expression of the homeowner’s personal style.

Moroccan Berber Rugs at Bazaar Velvet

Our Moroccan Berbers are all unique one-off piece. Created in the Atlas Mountains using traditional techniques, these are genuine tribal rugs. We have a selection of pieces in stock, please visit our Antique / Vintage / Classic collection to view the range.

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