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Interior Design Trends for 2017

In the design world, every new year brings with it a renewed sense of anticipation. New collections will be released, new styles adopted and exciting changes made to the design rule book. It is a joy to embrace this fresh

Interior Design 2018 – Colour Trends Revealed

With the trend predictions for interior design 2018 now coming flooding in, there’s no shortage of industry advice on the colours that should feature in our interiors in the coming year. However, no colour appears in isolation. Interpreting different hues

Vintage Rugs – How to Identify Genuine Over-Dyed Rugs

Over the past few years, the ‘over-dyed’ or ‘colour -reform’ rug has become an extremely desirable piece of decor. The fusion between vintage rugs and contemporary styles has captured the imagination of interior designers and creative homeowners alike, and their

Interior Styling Through a Designers Eyes

Interior styling is a subtle art. Bringing together furnishings and finishes to harmonious effect is a large part of the process, but an interior can be won or lost in the details. “Many of my clients believe that hard furniture,

How to Choose an Office Rug – Rug Decorating Tips

Luxury rugs make a great addition to any room of the home. They are practical, warm, comfortable, and provide cushioning over tiled or wooden floors. They also add an artistic value to a room, creating a well-balanced space. Choosing the

Geometric Rugs – Historic and Contemporary

Geometric rugs have been a firm favorite of style conscious homeowners for many decades. Modern and elegant, this timeless style is constantly reinvented. Changes to the scale and colour of a design can give a pattern a hugely different aesthetic,

Rug Buying Guide – How to Choose a Rug for your Room

Designer rugs are available from a wide array of retailers, ranging from large department stores to small boutique showrooms such as Bazaar Velvet. Contemporary rugs can be found in a great array of different styles, from simple geometric designs to

abstract rug close up

What Makes The Perfect Abstract Rug

In every aspect of interior design consumers are increasingly seeking not only high functionality, but high style, and are embracing every opportunity to incorporate uniquely beautiful items into their home- personal pieces that will lift their mood from one day

Luxury Traditional Moghul Mogul Mughal Rugs London India

Moghul Rugs – Treasures from the Moghul Empire

From the Ancient Moghul Kingdom come some of the most majestic and mesmerising traditional carpets ever seen. Influences from Islamic Art to Persian Chinese Textiles combine with India’s Hindu background to create the deeply naturalistic designs that are associated with

Working With GoodWeave To Eliminate Child Labour

Over the past 20 years, Goodweave have been working tirelessly to end child labour in the carpet industry. They take a holistic approach to their work, harnessing market forces to clean up supply chains, promote education and improve conditions for

Luxury Rug | Bazaar Velvet

Interior Design 2017 – Spring Events

Cure Your Design Fever at Clerkenwell Design Week  Image: Casa Botelho One of the key events of the London design calendar will be taking place between 23rd – 25th May this year. Clerkenwell Design Week will be presenting the very

Yellow patchwork rug in living room

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