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Working With GoodWeave To Eliminate Child Labour

Over the past 20 years, Goodweave have been working tirelessly to end child labour in the carpet industry. They take a holistic approach to their work, harnessing market forces to clean up supply chains, promote education and improve conditions for

Luxury Rug | Bazaar Velvet

Interior Design 2017 – Spring Events

Cure Your Design Fever at Clerkenwell Design Week  Image: Casa Botelho One of the key events of the London design calendar will be taking place between 23rd – 25th May this year. Clerkenwell Design Week will be presenting the very

Bespoke Rug | Bazaar Velvet

Edgy Bespoke Rug For Famed London Designers

Every bespoke rug project at Bazaar Velvet has its own unique and exciting back story. Each brings an original array of fresh inspirations, new challenges and happy surprises. One of these such projects was with renowned Architecture and Interior practice

Traditional Moroccan Handmade Rugs | Bazaar Velvet

How Benniz Berber Rugs are Made– A New Era

Traditional Moroccan Berber rugs are nothing short of iconic. Their shaggy pile, quirky irregularities and tribal charm has won this special breed of rugs favour with interior professionals and home owners alike. Their introduction to the West by designers such

Contemporary Rugs | Bazaar Velvet

Eporta and Bazaar Velvet Contemporary Rugs

At the launch of Eporta in Autumn 2015, founder Aneeqa Khan made a bold statement, claiming that her new company would ‘radically change the industry for the better’. Eporta is considered one of the key players in the new generation

Contemporary Rug | Bazaar Velvet

Designer Rugs Inspired by Modern Art

Rug-making has always been considered to be at the intersection of art and craft, so it is no wonder rug designer are creating designer rugs inspired by modern art. On the one hand, a rug is a functional object –

Designer Rug | Bazaar Velvet

Mid-Century Style arrives at I & JL Brown

The team at I & JL Brown share a philosophy not unlike our own at Bazaar Velvet. They aim to ‘guide customers to the item of furniture they have always wanted but could not find’. We are excited to see

Bedroom with Ribbed Taupe hand-knotted contemporary rug | Bazaar Velvet

Jo Berryman Interior Design and Bazaar Velvet Luxury Rugs

At Bazaar Velvet, our relationship with the phenomenally talented Jo Berryman has spanned many years, providing the most beautiful luxury rugs for her high-end projects. As head of the renowned Interior Design Practice ‘Jo Berryman Interior Design’, Jo is now

abstract designer rug - Bazaar Velvet

Interior Design with Abstract Style

For many years, design choices for homeware fell almost exclusively into just three groups; geometric, floral or plain. However, thanks to technological developments we now often have an additional, far more exciting option, of interior design with abstract style. This

contemporary living room rug - Bazaar Velvet

Contemporary Rugs for a Rock and Roll Home

When Mark and Joanne bought this stunning Grade II listed apartment, they knew it was something special. It’s previous owner was artist Barry Daniels and throughout the years it had seen more than its fair share of creative genius’s. ‘Mick

Hand Knotted Rug - bazaar velvet

Geometric Hand Knotted Rugs for Autumn 2017

The thrill of a new visit to the magnificent country of Nepal last year, gave us a fresh burst of inspiration for a stunning new collection to be released this Autumn- geometric hand knotted rugs full of personality. In Nepal,

1508 London - Project Reuben

Louise Wicksteed Interior Design and Luxury Rugs

As a partner of renowned Interior design practice 1508 London with an incredibly lavish portfolio, Louise Wicksteed has certainly earned her place as one of the most respected interior designers in the world today. Her career began at the luxury


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