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Arabesque Slate - Large Rug - bazaar velvet

Rug Sizing for your Luxury Rug

Before embarking on the journey to find their perfect rug, we often suggest to clients that determining its ideal size is a fantastic place to start. It is the unfortunate truth that even the most beautiful of luxury rugs will

Luxury hand-knotted Levantine Gold rug in living room

Rug FAQs – Bazaar Velvet Contemporary Rugs

At Bazaar Velvet, we aim to simplify the process of finding the perfect contemporary rugs for any setting, and this often requires providing answers clients rug questions. We are always delighted to share our experience in the field, so here

Luxury hand-knotted rug in a contemporary London home

Luxury Rugs, Luxury Fabrics, Luxury Interiors

Luxury Rugs, Luxury Fabrics, Luxury Interiors- an opulent new interior design revolution has begun. During the past few years our homes and stores have become flooded with minimalistic Scandinavian style furnishings. An aesthetic that was once refreshing, with its clean

Caz Myres Vintage Rug - bazaar velvet

Vintage Patchwork Rugs Bring Character to a Victorian Home

In this inspiring project, Bazaar Velvet transform a beautiful Victorian Townhouse with a selection of stunning vintage patchwork rugs. At Bazaar Velvet, we have the privilege to work with some of the best interior designers in the country, helping them

Living room with copper hand-knotted contemporary rug

Blue Contemporary Rugs – Midnight Blue Interior Trend

‘Washed Denim Copper Blue’, our stunning inky blue contemporary rug, is one of our most recent success stories. Deep moody colours are undoubtedly one of the principal interior fashions for Winter 2016/17, a gorgeous palette of opulent tones, most notably

Luxury rugs - bazaar velvet

Rug Colour Guide- Discovering Colour in Contemporary Rugs

The connection between colour and mood has long been recognised in the interior design industry. It comes as so surprise therefore, that your choice of contemporary rug will greatly effect the overall feel of your room. Ensure sure you make

Hand Made Rugs - bazaar velvet

Our New Collection on Show at Decorex and LuxuryMade

  There’s not long to go now until two of the most exciting shows in the design world arrive in London. The world-class event, Decorex International, launches in just a few days, and what’s more, LuxuryMade, an electrifying new addition

Andrews - Vintage Rug - bazaar velvet

Floral Rug – Bespoke Rug Project by Bazaar Velvet

The versatility of rug design is endless, and with the Bazaar Velvet bespoke rug service, any rug dream can become a reality. This stunning floral rug, created from a hand drawn artwork, shows the incredible complexity of design that can


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