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Contemporary hand-knotted Fern rug in stylish living room

Bazaar Velvet Featured on Houzz

Here at Bazaar Velvet, we’re passionate about interior design and are constantly seeking new influences and inspirations – so you can imagine our delight upon spotting our Fern rug in a feature on industry favourite this morning. We’re a

Luxury Hand Knotted Rugs – Rug Quality Explained

What makes Luxury Hand Knotted Rugs so Special? In the modern world, we are constantly overwhelmed by all the mass produced products available in the market place. Cheap throw-away items that pander to our whims, many of which come with

Bedroom Rug - bazaar velvet

Creating Texture in Interior Design

The word ‘texture’ refers to both the tactile sensation created by a substance, and its appearance – which is apposite, as texture has the ability to influence the entire feel of a room. Commonly seen as a ‘finishing touch’ rather

Nature Inspired Rug Design

Some Interior Design concepts never go out of style; and one of them is bringing the natural world into your home. With so many recent interior design trends leaning towards industrial and minimalist styles, the warmth and joy of a

Winter Rugs – Lift Your Winter Interior Scheme

Between November and March there is a distinct wintery wave that washes over the UK. With Christmas and New Year’s marking the end of the year and heralding a time generally full of celebrations and family gatherings, decorating for a

Rugs For Autumn – Style Guide

The autumnal season brings a rich array of visual inspiration. Shifting shades in the leaves and a crisp climate reignites our natural urges for comfort and warmth. This is the time to bring out the designer rugs for Autumn that

silk web hand knotted rug by bazaar velvet

Colour Psychology in Interior Design

Home decor is often considered only a matter of aesthetic. The objects we choose to fill our homes with, and their associated colours, are often selected because they grab our immediate attraction. However, the interior design design of our homes

How to Choose a Bedroom Rug – Rug Decorating Tips

In any home, the bedroom is a place of sanctuary. Representing rest, comfort and relaxation, decorating your bedroom is an important and delicate operation, and so the choice of a bedroom rug is of great importance. There is a strong

How to turn a Rug into a Wall Hanging

Turning a rug into a wall hanging is a simple process when you know how. A rug wall hanging is a great way to add a unique, decorative touch to your room, and can have many practical benefits too. A

Rug Maintenance for Luxury Rugs

Any type of rug needs regular cleaning and maintenance to ensure it retains its original appearance as much as possible. Treating stains quickly and effectively is of course an important part of the processes, but rug maintenance should be carried

Wool Rugs – Discover the Ultimate Rug Making Material

What makes Wool Rugs Different? The quality of luxury rugs are determined by two main factors- their construction and their materials. There are hundreds of different fibres that can potentially be used to create rugs, but few get close to

Yellow patchwork rug in living room

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