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Rug FAQs – Bazaar Velvet Contemporary Rugs

Luxury hand-knotted Levantine Gold rug in living room

At Bazaar Velvet, we aim to simplify the process of finding the perfect contemporary rugs for any setting, and this often requires providing answers clients rug questions. We are always delighted to share our experience in the field, so here are our answers to many rug FAQs that homeowners often struggle with.

Rug FAQs Contemporary Rug

What are the advantages of a contemporary rug that has been hand knotted?

Hand Knotted rugs have a beautiful story behind them. This method of rug making has been used for centuries and is deeply embedded in the culture of many eastern civilisations.
Each rug is the result of several months of loving craftsmanship by dozens of skilled artisans. This is visible in the surface of each rug, with the slight bumps and ridges that make each piece characterful and unique. A Hand Knotted rug is also a wise option in a practical sense. Each piece is almost indestructible, and can provide service and pleasure for countless years, even being passed down to the next generation. No rug made by any other construction method can deliver this level of robustness.

Click here for our comprehensive guide to rug qualities, constructions and materials.

How can I be assured that your rugs are produced ethically?

At Bazaar Velvet, we are proud that our rugs carry the GoodWeave label. This indicates that our rugs are created without the use of child labour. With our support, Goodweave carry out routine checks on rug making workshops, and support weaving communities by providing an education for children who would otherwise be at risk of exploitation.

What materials are your rugs made from?

All our rugs at Bazaar Velvet are made from high quality natural materials. For our Core Collection of contemporary rugs, we use beautiful Himalayan Wool. This wool contains high levels of lanolin, a natural oil that helps to keep the sheep warm in the high altitude in which they live. This also makes the wool beautifully soft and provides a barrier against moisture making it naturally stain resistant. It is also strong, supple and extremely hard wearing.
Many of our rugs also feature highlights of Chinese Silk. This is the finest quality of genuine silk, extracted from the cocoon of a silk worm. This provided a luxurious texture and spectacular sheen.

Himalayan Wool | Bazaar Velvet Roberto Romano, courtesy of GoodWeave USA

How do I clean a rug?

The best way to care for one of our luxury rugs is to vacuum it on a regular basis. This removes everyday dirt, preventing it from causing wear to the pile. If you drop anything on your rug, the best course of action is to act quickly and blot the spillage with a paper towel or clean cloth. The mark can then be removed with a gentle soap such as washing up liquid, shaving foam or baby wipes.
Do not use carpet cleaner as this may contain peroxide. Make sure the pile is pushed in its original direction before allowing it to dry. If there are any stains you cannot remove yourself, please contact us and we can provide a professional full water submerge clean. We recommend rugs go through this process every five to ten years.

Showroom | Bazaar Velvet

Are your rugs in stock and what is the lead time?

Many clients are pleased to discover that all the pieces found in the Bazaar Velvet showroom are available immediately. We can provide a delivery service, or you can take your purchase away with you the same day. If you require a rug that is not in stock it can be made to order.
Lead times vary from under 2 weeks for our Vintage Patchwork or Persia Reloaded rugs, to 16-18 weeks for our Core Collection or bespoke rugs. However, some particularly intricate designs from other collections may have a longer lead time than this. This is because all the processes involved in the creation of our luxury rugs, including the knotting, are carried out by hand in the traditional way.

Can I try one of your rugs before buying one?

Home trials are indeed something we can offer at Bazaar Velvet. We do our best to ensure our clients are completely happy with their choice of contemporary rug. We can also provide a home consultation service, using our expert knowledge to assess the space, before composing a selection of suitable rugs to be brought to the property at a later date.

Should a rug be placed just up to a sofa or underneath it?

In the majority of cases, we recommend that rugs are placed just under the front legs of the sofa. We feel this is very effective in unifying the space and anchoring together its various furnishings. However, a rug can still be flattering if placed just in front of the sofa. This is the ideal option for a room with limited space. In contrast, for a particularly large area, extending the rug outwards to just behind the sofa can look stunning.
Rug sizing is one of our most common rug FAQs. Find out more about rug sizing in our rug size guide
Luxury Rug | Bazaar Velvet

Can I have a rug made in a different colour?

All of our Core Collection rugs can be supplied in four standard colourways or in a completely bespoke colour combination. We have 1000 tones to choose from, which can be seen both in colour poms (wool samples) and on screen. We can provide realistic visualisations showing both colour and texture, and even virtually place it in a room image.

Can I have a bespoke rug made to my exact specification?

There are endless options when it comes to rug design. We can create a design directly from a drawing or photo, or be inspired by the existing elements of your room. Designs can be built completely from scratch, or by adjusting one of our hundreds of archive designs. There are many different options of material combinations and textures, sizes and shapes. We do not charge an extra fee for our design service, and we can tailor the product to your budget. Our team of expert designers will be delighted to work with you to create your perfect rug.

How can I find out the answer to any other rug FAQs?

If you have any more questions about the products and services we offer at Bazaar Velvet Contemporary Rugs, or about finding a luxury rug for your own space, please do not hesitate to contact us.


To discover everything you need to know about rug materials and constructions read our Rug Quality Guide.

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