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Rug Maintenance for Luxury Rugs

Any type of rug needs regular cleaning and maintenance to ensure it retains its original appearance as much as possible. Treating stains quickly and effectively is of course an important part of the processes, but rug maintenance should be carried out on a regular basis. Implementing a regular cleaning regime can prevent an unsightly and unhygienic build up of dirt. This process needn’t be complicated or time consuming, giving your rug a little care and attention when needed can greatly increase the lifespan of your rug.
A high quality luxury rug made from natural materials will be much easier to clean than one made from artificial silk substitutes. These are very sensitive to water stains. To find out more read our comprehensive guide to rug quality
rug maintenance
Here are four simple solutions to keeping your carpets and luxury rugs in check.

Regularly Vacuum your Luxury Rug

Vacuuming your rug should form part of your general tidying and cleaning routine. At a microscopic level, hairs and fragments of dirt can get trapped in your rug. This is nothing to worry about, a simple vacuum clean will suffice in removing most of these smaller blemishes. Regular vacuuming allows your rug to breathe better by removing any integrated materials and moisture which may harm your rug in the long term.
How often you should vacuum your rug will depend on many factors. For example, is it placed in a room that is used often with heavy foot traffic? Is it walked on straight after coming from outside? Do you walk on it wearing shoes? Do you have pets that shed? Do you have messy children or guests that leave dirt or crumbs on the rug? It’s really important not to let these impurities stay in the pile of your rug for too long as they rub against the pile causing unnecessary wear, or even cause stains that can become difficult to remove. Vacuuming is a quick and easy solution for day to day rug maintenance.

Treating Rug Spillages

Spillages are the bane of all rug owners and are bound to occur with some degree of frequency. For this reason, it may be useful to keep a range of products ready on stand-by. If you don’t have any regular cleaning fluids there are a range of everyday household condiments which will suffice in keeping your rug clean. For instance, who knew that beer and shaving foam were also useful anti-staining products? By applying these items liberally, you should be able to remove those pesky rug stains. Bear these items in mind and keep them close-by the next time you find yourself entertaining guests.
You can also use our quick step by step guide which works on most types of rug spillages:
1- Remove as much of the spilled substance as possible.
Depending on the type of substance, blot with kitchen towel to remove excess liquid or use a spoon to scoop it up
2- Use a damp cloth to work out the stain.
Dampen a soft cloth (preferably a white one as the dye of a coloured one could transfer onto the rug) and apply gentle pressure to the stain, pushing from the edges inwards. Refrain from scrubbing vigorously as this can damage the pile. If necessary, squirt a little soap or shaving foam onto the cloth and continue until the stain is out
3- Push the pile back in its original direction before leaving it to dry
This is important as if the pile drys in a disorderly way it will make the rug look damaged or even make the patch look a different colour. To find the right pile direction, gently rub your hand along the surface of the rug and notice one direction is smoother than the other. The treated patch should follow this.
Don’t forget, the golden rule is to act quickly. Also, be wary of purpose made carpet cleaning products as these often contain harsh chemicals that can bleach out the colours of the rug. This is a much more serious problems than a stain and may mean the area has to be re-dyed or even re-woven.

Professional Rug Cleaning

If after a few years your rug is looking a bit worse for wear, you should consider having it professionally cleaned. Having your rug cleaned professionally is an ideal way to reinstate your rug, removing any grubbiness that has built up over on time. Make sure you ask questions about what type of cleaning service the company provides as they can vary greatly. Often cheaper services will only run a machine across the surface your rug, leaving the dirt found deeper down in the pile. A full water-submerge is required to remove impurities all the way through your rug, including most tough stains. Through this process, a high quality rug can be returned to its former glory. For a deep, water submerge clean, contact Bazaar Velvet for a quote.

Rug Maintenance and Wear Prevention

A hand knotted luxury rug is made to be used and enjoyed- walked on and not walked around. However preventing unnecessary dirt getting on your rug will of course help with rug maintenance. Provide a doormat at the front door to encourage house guests to wipe their feet before entering the house, or even enforce a no shoes rule. Of course a similar approach can be applied to food and drink to avoid spillages on a particularly delicate rug.
Choosing the right rug for the right setting is also something to bear in mind as certain styles are easier to maintain than others. For example in an area with high traffic, such as a hallway or main living room, choose a hand knotted rug as this is the most hard wearing rug construction. In regards to stains, a good quality wool would be the best option, so is ideal for either of these spaces or for a dining room where accidents with food and drink are inevitable. Also, pile length should a be a consideration as a long shaggy pile can easily trap dirt and debris. A short pile rug is far easier to clean and care for.
We hope you found our rug maintenance guide useful.
Try reading our definitive rug cleaning guide. and rug quality guide for more information
Alternatively, if you have a specific query, please do not hesitate to contact us.
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