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Rug Sizing for your Luxury Rug

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Before embarking on the journey to find their perfect rug, we often suggest to clients that determining its ideal size is a fantastic place to start. It is the unfortunate truth that even the most beautiful of luxury rugs will look disappointing in a room if it’s either too large or small. However, by just bearing in mind a few simples rug sizing rules, this issue can easily be tackled.

Rug Sizing for the Living Room

For a room that we associate with relaxation and socialising, good comfort and good looks are both essential. The way in which a rug is placed can have a significant impact on this. The three main situations are as follows:
1- Placing the rug just in front of sofas and chairs
This layout is to be used with caution, as a rug that is too small for a space can make it look empty and uninviting. However, for the smaller living room, this option can be very pleasing. As cosiness is key, be sure that those sitting on the sofa can rest their feet on the rug, so place it as close to the front legs as possible.
rug sizing in a living room

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2- Placing the rug just under the front legs of the sofa and chairs
This arrangement is what we recommend for the majority of our clients. It creates a lovely unification of the space, as the rug draws together the different elements of the room and frames it beautifully.
rug sizing in a living room
3- Placing the sofa and chairs completely on the rug
This is a fabulous way to take advantage of a more spacious room that has seating positioned away from the walls. Letting the rug flow out from beneath the furniture softens the space and gives an air of sophistication. Leave a walkway around the edge of the seating area if possible to give the effect of a neat island.
rug sizing in a living room
For a beautiful Bedroom
Stepping out of bed onto a gorgeous luxury rug is a delightful way to begin a morning. The rug should begin either at the headboard wall or just in front of the bedside tables, then extend at least a foot from the end of the bed. Likewise, there should be enough rug around the sides to be able to walk on, at least 60cm.
If the project requires a standard size we’d recommend the following:
Queen Sizes bed: 240×170 or 300×240 rug
King Sized bed: 300×240 or360x270 rug
Usually, the largest size the room can take is best. Alternatively, runners can be placed around the edge of the bed. In fact, in the past we at Bazaar Velvet have created bespoke U-shaped rugs to fit exactly around the clients bed.
rug sizing in a bedroom

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Rug Sizing for the Dining Room

The main consideration for rug sizing in a dining room is one of pure practicality. It is essential the chairs can be comfortably tucked and untucked from the table without becoming caught on the edge of the rug. Generally, a 50 cm measure between the table and the edge of the rug is sufficient. For an average sized six-person table a 300×240 luxury rug is usually the minimum.
rug sizing in a dining room

Washed Denim Purple

For those who require further expert assistance in selecting the correct size for their rug, we are delighted to offer a home assessment and home trial service to all properties in the locality. If you are interested in this, please do not hesitate to contact us or visit us at our London rug shop.
Want to find our more about rug sizing? Read our Rug Size Guide for more expert tips.
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