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Rug Stain Removal – How to Remove Stains from your Rug

The dreaded scenario sometimes happens. The red wine spillage on a brand new dining room rug… muddy boots walked over a pale cream hallway rug… When it does, make sure you have these rug stain removal tips to hand.
Depending on the quality of your rug and the materials it is made from, most stains can be removed at home, often using products you already have to hand. Luxury rugs are surprisingly hardy and a few simple techniques can help you avoid having to use a professional cleaning service. Find out how with our top tips on removing stains from your rug using household products.
rug stain removal red wine spilled on carpet

Rug Stain Removal – Getting Started

When it comes to rug stain removal, acting quickly is of upmost importance, as the longer the spillage is left on the rug the more it will infuse with the rug fiber. The first step is to remove as much of the excess substance as possible. For liquid spillages blot with kitchen towel or a white absorbent cloth. For something more solid, scoop up with a metal spoon.

Household Products for Removing Rug Stains

This will surprise many, but beer is highly useful when it comes to the removal of stains on your fabrics. By pouring a liberal amount of beer onto the tarnished area of your rug, you can lift those coffee and tea stains from the material. Make sure that you rub the solution into the material and, given time, it should vanish entirely!
Wine stains are often the most resilient and difficult to remove of all and are the dread of all house party entertainers. However, you can stop it causing a lasting impression if you act fast. To remove a red wine stain from your rug, firstly you need to dab the area with a dry cloth, attempting to absorb as much as the spillage as possible. Once saturated into the cloth, sprinkle the area with white salt and leave for five minutes. Provided you took the correct action the stain should have lifted itself from the carpet entirely – all you have to do is hover up the salty deposits and your luxury rug is miraculously saved!
Unbeknownst to many, shampoo is actually great at removing artificial stains, such as cosmetics. If the stain is still fresh, squeeze a little bit of shampoo from a bottle – any brand will do and at any price – and gently rub the solution into the spoiled area of your rug. Leave the solution to soak for five minutes, before washing it off with lukewarm water. The shampoo should have lifted the stain completely.
Shaving Foam
The stain-removing properties of shaving foam are not generally known let alone considered, although, if the stain is still fresh, this popular household product can prove extremely useful. Dab half a handful of shaving cream onto the spot, blotting the stain and covering the area with a liberal amount of foam. Once the foam has soaked into the material, apply a wet sponge to remove both the stain and the foam. You should find that the stain has completely disappeared.

What to Avoid when Removing Rug Stains

Use Appropriate Tools
When cleaning your rug, be careful not to use any tools that could damage the pile of your rug or create a new stain. Anything too abrasive can catch and break apart fibers. For example, scrape off substances using a spoon rather than a knife, and work out stains with a soft cloth rather than a brush. Also be aware that colored cloths or sponges could transfer some of their dye onto the rug, so use something white or un-dyed if possible.
Be Cautious when using Carpet Cleaning Products
Many specialist carpet cleaning products contain harsh chemicals that can cause damage to your rug. They can bleach out the colour of your rug, leaving it with an unsightly pale patch. For a low quality rug, this may be impossible to rectify. For a hand knotted rug, the rug will have to be treated by a professional who will either re-dye or re-weave the area.
Be Aware of Cleaning and Drying Techniques
When trying to remove a stain, don’t be tempted to scrub vigorously as this can damage the pile. Instead slowly work out the stain by applying pressure and smoothing the pile in one direction at a time. Before leaving your rug to dry, ensure your rug is laid on a flat surface. Also make sure the pile is all facing the same direction as otherwise the disrupted texture will make the treated area appear lighter. This is particularly important on a hand knotted rug. This is because the threads on a hand knotted rug do not face directly upwards but at an angle. To find the pile direction, run your hand along the length of the rug in one direction and then the other. You will notice in one direction it is smother than the other. Smooth down the pile in the affected area so it lays in this same direction.
A spillage on a luxury area rug need not be a disaster. With quick thinking combined with simple products and techniques, your rug can be returned to its former glory in no time at all.
To find out more about how to clean and maintain your luxury rugs, read our definitive guide to rug care
If you have any further questions on rug stain removal, or would like to find out more about our rug cleaning service, please do not hesitate to contact us.
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