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Rugs For Autumn – Style Guide

The autumnal season brings a rich array of visual inspiration. Shifting shades in the leaves and a crisp climate reignites our natural urges for comfort and warmth. This is the time to bring out the designer rugs for Autumn that will keep us warm throughout Christmas and the New Year, and create a stunning stylish interior design scheme.
Adjusting the design of your home for the time of year will help you to enjoy the seasonal change by creating a homely space.
We’ve created a style guide to help you choose your rugs for autumn. Consider your palette and texture choices for the autumn and winter seasons, selecting a contemporary rug that matches and will see you through the latter half of the year.

Autumnal Colours add Elegance and Warmth

As frosty days approach, create a fall feeling by shifting cool greys and blues to warm toasty colours in your interior decorating.
Marry your home decor with the changing leaves, adding fiery reds and burnt oranges to heat up communal rooms and bedrooms. Ignite your home with splashes of rich, deep tones in these colours for rugs, cushions and other soft furnishings.
Add intimacy to your room with a designer rug in autumnal colours such as rusty reds, earth tones or pale golds. Heated colours will add a visual warmth to your home, while also retaining heat in a room.
rugs for autumn - levantine gold by bazaar velvet
A cosy living room featuring the amazing ‘Levantine Gold’ rug by Bazaar Velvet
A rich burgundy coloured rug, for example, is ideal for keeping your feet warm and comfortable. The deep rouge colour suggests elegance and hospitality – perfect for a room used for entertaining family and friends.
Alternatively, prepare for the celebratory side of the winter season with a golden coloured rug such as our stunning ‘Levantine Gold’. A muted gold is understated and classic, while a cream rug with accents in gold is a timeless statement of celebration.

Relate your Rug to the Interior Design of your room

Picking the right rug will be easier if you understand its use in the room.
In a bedroom, cool floors on a crisp autumn morning can be made more tolerable with a nice rug to rest your feet on. Opt for soft materials such as Himalayan wool or silk.
In a lounge or boudoir, a designer rug can bring the pieces of the room together and offer another place for reclining in an informal setting.

Create restful space with shaggy textures

Traditional, shorter bound wool rugs create a soft underfoot space to rest weary feet and are a staple in interior design for many years. However, with the shaggy rug making a comeback this year, consider incorporating the furry alternative in your home this autumn.
A shaggy carpet, with sporadic tufts of super soft wool and single clean colours, such as whites and creams – though any colour is possible – allows you to invoke an indulgent, familial feeling in your home. Try a one of our Benniz Berber rugs to get this effect,
Rather than layering your rugs, as is common practice with conventional rugs, shaggy carpets work well with a scattered layout. Include a central rug, near to your sofa or living room table, and have various scattered shaggy rugs to texture your room.
berber rugs for autmun
Benniz Berber Grey and Cream by Bazaar Velvet

Find finishing touches to Match your Designer Rug

Once you’ve laid down your choices of designer rugs, accessorise your home for autumn and winter with finishing touches that compliment the style of rug you’ve chosen.
Selecting a classy, gold rug and coordinate your interior decorations with other bold and traditional elements. Tall white candles on the tables and mantelpieces, thick eggshell white curtains and dark wood furniture create a modern, wintery room with a touch of the rustic.
For earthier toned rugs, bring an echo of nature into your home with dried pinecones, large, black cherry or red wine coloured cushions; perfect for scattering across shaggy rugs, and bowls of sweet citrus fruits, such as oranges and lemons to add splashes of autumnal colours.

Find more Rugs for Autumn

At Bazaar Velvet, we have a wide range of beautiful rugs for Autumn interiors. Browse our rug Collections online or visit our showroom.
For advice for choosing the best rug for your room this Autumn, contact the friendly team at Bazaar Velvet. We will be delighted to help.
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