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Why Buy A Neutral Rug?

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In the ever-changing world of interior design, it can be challenging to determine how to transform your own space. However, opting for a neutral rug can provide numerous advantages. By adding a neutral rug, you can infuse warmth into the room while also allowing yourself the freedom to explore bolder and more vibrant colours in other furnishings.

Additionally, embracing a room filled with neutrals can create an open, pristine, and sophisticated ambiance. The beauty of neutral colours lies in their diverse range of tones, which enables you to achieve the precise effect you desire.

Neutral Rug

What are Neutral Colours?

Neutral means muted shades that lack colour but contain hues that change in different lighting. Their significance cannot be overstated, as we encounter them every day whether it’s our cars, clothing, or home decor.

What makes neutral colours truly mesmerising is their ability to reveal undertones, showcasing a touch of another colour depending on the lighting of the room. From lighter tones that emanate a sense of cleanliness and brightness to deeper shades that exude a cozy ambiance, the array of neutral shades and tones can completely redefine the look and feel of your space.

Neutral Room

As much as we love bold colours in our interior schemes, it is essential to maintain a harmonious balance with neutral tones. When selecting a rug, it is highly recommended to consider the existing colours in the room. Take a step back and assess the overall look of the space. If there is already a plethora of bold hues, avoid overwhelming it with yet another shade. Instead, opt for neutral tones that complement the vibrant colours of your existing furnishings. If your sofa or walls boast bold colours, a predominantly neutral rug can effectively break up the expanses of vibrant hues, creating a more serene and tranquil ambiance.

When choosing a rug, keep in mind the lighting in your room. If your space is a little dim, a pale neutral rug can work wonders by brightening up the room and creating the illusion of a larger space. On the other hand, if your room is blessed with ample natural sunlight, a rug with darker tones can add a touch of drama and make a bold statement.


Why Choose A Neutral Rug?

Contemporary neutral rugs add a touch of texture and warmth to any space. With their simple yet easy to place designs and colours, they effortlessly blend into any setting.

Neutral colours provide the perfect opportunity to create depth in your space by incorporating different shades of the same hue. This allows elements made from wood, brick, and stone to add a touch of warmth to your surroundings. It’s crucial to select a hue that complements these materials. For instance, woods with cool or yellow undertones like grey oaks and walnuts beautifully pair with grey and blue rugs, while those with warmer, reddish undertones blend harmoniously with other warm colours.

When selecting a neutral rug for your home, it is important to consider the desired effect you wish to achieve. A darker coloured rug can create a cozy and intimate atmosphere in a room, while a bright or light-coloured rug can bring energy and vibrancy. For a calming ambiance, pale neutral rugs are the perfect choice, particularly for a bedroom. Additionally, practicality should be taken into account, as a medium tone neutral rug will be the most durable and forgiving for everyday use.

Bohemia Mink Luight Dark Ivory Rug b

Neutral Rug Options

When searching for the perfect neutral rug, there are several factors to keep in mind. Consider the ideal texture, colour, and design that will complement your room best. At Bazaar Velvet, we offer an extensive range of neutral rugs that will effortlessly tie your space together.

If you are seeking a simplistic yet elegant addition to your room’s decor that effortlessly enhances the existing interiors and offers unparalleled quality, our Ombre rugs are the perfect choice. These luxurious rugs are crafted with the finest cashmere & Bikaner wool hand spun together, creating a stunning minimal rug design that complements any space. Before dying, the materials are skilfully twisted, creating a mesmerising ‘abrash’ effect with natural colour variations. Each rug is truly one of a kind, with subtle random tone changes that add depth and character to its surface.

If you are looking to go down a different route and want something with a bit more design and texture, take a look at our Nordic and Saxon Rugs, easy to place rugs in neutral tones and simple designs. Experience the exquisite textures brought to life through the expert blending of colours, featuring a variety of wool types and varying pile heights that add depth and personality to each unique piece.


Introducing Neutral Rugs To Your Home

If you’re having trouble finding the ideal rug for your room because everything is too vibrant and eye-catching, we highly suggest considering a neutral rug. A neutral rug has the power to bring a sense of tranquillity to your space, perfectly complement your existing furnishings, and grant you the flexibility to switch up your room’s colour scheme without having to change the rug itself.

You don’t always have to go bold, sometimes less is more. View our full Ancestral Collection now and get inspiration or find your perfect neutral rug.

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