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Winter Rugs – Lift Your Winter Interior Scheme

Between November and March there is a distinct wintery wave that washes over the UK. With Christmas and New Year’s marking the end of the year and heralding a time generally full of celebrations and family gatherings, decorating for a season is never more necessary than during Christmas.
With such as vast range of patterns and colours at Bazaar Velvet, we have the perfect winter rugs to put a seasonal stamp on your home. We’ve compiled three decor colour palettes that will capture the best of winter along with the accessories that will make your winter rugs look even more beautiful.

Use Vibrant Blue Rugs to avoid feeling Cold

Blue is seen as a cold and cooling colour. Associations with water usually render it a staple of the bathroom only. However, you can use blue this winter to reflect the crisp cold without inviting it into your home.
winter rugs blue rug
Electric blues, such as in our Texture Abstract rug, will add a bright shine to your room. The spark of colour in a classic, intricate pattern can be the focal point of a lounge room, even under a coffee table.
To compliment such a dynamic rug requires some mirroring and some neutralisation. Equally blue candles in shimmering silver candlesticks will look elegantly wintery. To balance the fierce colours, have different light shades of textured grey throws and silver or grey cushions.

Channel Christmas with Deep Reds and Greens

The classic reds and greens of Christmas are perfect for the winter season. Dating back to the Roman times, we see the two colours reflected in the mistletoe we hang, the holly and its berries which become wreaths and, of course, Santa Claus.
Along with these seasonal home decor options, you can decorate you home with the colours of Christmas in more subtle yet dynamic ways, such as with a himalayan wool rug.
For a sophisticated evergreen look, consider our Zeus Emerald rug. The ribbed silk texture of this rug gives a feel of ultimate luxury, and the art deco motif a timeless sense of style.
green geometric rug - zues emerald
If you prefer a more daring colour, perhaps a warmer red rather than the natural green, check out the Bohemia Dark Grey Red Lacquer designer rug. The glinting deep maroon pattern forms an intricate abstract design which is hand carved for a gorgeously tactile finish.
Apart from the traditional wreath and tree, pairings for these winter rugs in your home could include:
Poinsettias – which includes red and green dually in its leaves,
Red bows – easy to make red bows can be tied around the backs of chairs,
White candles – for simple, cosy lighting.

Add Gold and Silver Rugs to celebrate the New Year

Our Bohemia range is a great source of stunning contemporary rug designs featuring opulent metalic finishes. Each of these designer rugs feature raised silk pile, giving silver, gold and copper tones the shimmery finish reminiscent of the metal. The warm undertones of our Bohemia Ashwood Honey rug make it the perfect choice for winter,.
gold rug
To continue the gold theme within your home, you can seek out colour accents that will work with the range of golds. Creams and off whites work well as they help to brighten a room and invite variation in shades.
Candles in gold and bronze would add to the traditional aesthetic of the rug, with the earthier tones coupled with freshly dried pine cones. Cinnamon sticks are the right colour to marry into a gold themed room, tying a few sticks together with easy-to-make pomanders – clove studded oranges will infuse any room with a sweet, spiced aroma.

Winter Rugs at Bazaar Velvet

If you would like to find out more about the stunning designer rugs on offer at Bazaar Velvet, please do not hesitate to contact us.
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