How to Choose a Luxury Rug for Your Room

When considering how to refresh the décor of a room in your home with little effort, an eye-catching rug is an underused element of home improvement. Whilst many people turn to the walls and furniture to try to breathe new life into a room, it’s possible to utterly transform the tone of a room when the right rug for the space is laid down. Choose a luxury rug that works well both as a home accessory and as a practical item of furnishing.
You can make a wonderful impact on your home interior if you are armed with the correct facts and hints for picking the perfect rug for your particular needs and preferences. Here is a list of aspects to consider when you’re choosing the perfect luxury area rug for your home.
Read our quality guide for a comprehensive look into materials and construction of luxury contemporary rugs

Choose a Luxury Rug Material suited to the Room type

One of the first things to consider is what kind of material you are going to opt for, and this depends a lot on the intended location of the luxury rug in your home. For example, do you have children and pets? Is the rug going to be placed in a communal, well-used living area? If so, then it is wise to opt for a sturdier material like wool that can stand up to some wear and tear and stains. Alternatively, if you are looking for something a little more delicate to take pride of place in your bedroom, then the option of something luxurious like silk or cotton definitely becomes more realistic.

Choose a Bigger Rug

In order to make the biggest impact on your chosen room, the rug you buy should be as large as possible. Many people make the mistake of placing a small rug in a room with lots of other shapes and colours which can make a space look smaller than it actually is. For maximum impact, you want your luxury area rug to cover as much of the room’s floor space as reasonably possible, leaving spaces for walkways and door openings. For example, if you are buying a rug for a dining table to stand on, make sure that it is large enough that it lays underneath both the table and the chairs, even when they are pulled out, otherwise the chair legs will get caught on the edges of the rug.
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When Is A Runner Ideal?

A runner is a long, rectangular shaped carpet that is traditionally placed in narrow hallways and upstairs bedroom corridors, with smaller examples also being compatible for use in front of sofas or firesides. They are a great option to use for more areas of your home that are oddly shaped, as they can add character by providing more colour and texture where there would otherwise be bare floor.

Consider The Durability Of A Luxury Rug

If you are looking for a rug that is going to be as durable as possible, then you might want to think about luxury rugs made using natural materials and constructed using the most superior methods. A Hand Knotted rug will give maximum durability as it’s construction involves tying wool or silk yarn around vertical cotton foundation threads. This is much more secure than a Hand Loomed rug for example, and is almost indestructible. If your budget wont stretch to a Hand Knotted rug, a Hand Tufted rug is a good alternative. Although this doesn’t produce quite such a high quality product, it still has a lifespan of around 10 years or more if cared for properly.

Be Aware Of Maintenance

You can’t expect to buy a rug and then have it last forever without caring for it. Here are some of the easiest maintenance techniques:
Blot any stains with cool water, do not rub as this can make the stains even worse.
Turn rugs regularly to avoid one particular side fading from exposure to sunlight.
Fit rugs laying on wood or tiles with an underlay to prevent unnecessary slipping
Luxury rugs are an excellent way to add colour, texture, and interest to your home.
To find out more, about rug quality, read our Definitive Rug Guide, or speak to a member of the Bazaar Velvet team for expert advice.
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