Contemporary Rugs for a Feminine Sanctuary – lead by Designer Stephen Falcke

At Bazaar Velvet we have been approached by some of the most exciting design talents in the world. International Interior Designer Stephen Falcke, was one of these individuals, having won several major design awards including the Andrew Martin Designer of the World award. He learnt his craft from The Chelsea School of Art followed by time working under the famous London based designer David Hicks. He now completes both commercial and residential projects across the globe from South Africa to America. However, one of his latest design projects took him much nearer to home, to St. Johns Wood London.

Contemporary Rugs | Bazaar Velvet

This exciting venture involved a major renovation of a gorgeous period home. Both designer and client had a clear vision of what they wanted to create with the space. They required several contemporary rugs to tie in with the feminine aesthetic of the home. Delicate pinks purples and greys were to flow through the whole house, creating a constant sense of tranquility. The style was to be an ingenious blend of traditional elegant patterns and modern minimalistic shapes.

The search for a rug began in our extensive stock at the Bazaar Velvet rug store London. Inspiration was drawn from our design portfolio, particularly those we describe as being ‘transitional’. These combine traditional Persian designs with abstract elements. Keeping a close dialogue with the client allowed us to continually evolve designs for the perfect outcome. After alterations and sampling, the client was confident to proceed with the creation of these unique hand knotted rugs.

Contemporary Rug | Bazaar Velvet

After four months of dedicated hand workmanship, the clients’ gorgeous contemporary rugs were ready to be installed. Perhaps the most interesting of these pieces was that for the main living room. This was partly due to the shape of the room itself, with its gorgeous curved walls. The bespoke rug was created to follow these contours giving a smooth oval shape. The pattern itself was also completely unique. Flashes of pink added excitement to a delicate Oriental floral design, given a slightly distressed look with clever erasing. It provided a focal point for the room, setting a mood of contemporary elegance.

All rugs have been a roaring success, their bespoke designs tailored to the interior schemes. Soft accent colours have been reflected, as have the smooth flowing lines of the furnishings. They are a fitting tribute to the talent and commitment of not only Stephan Falcke and the Bazaar Velvet design team, but all who were involved in their creation.

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