Contemporary Rugs for a Rock and Roll Home

When Mark and Joanne bought this stunning Grade II listed apartment, they knew it was something special. It’s previous owner was artist Barry Daniels and throughout the years it had seen more than its fair share of creative genius’s. ‘Mick Jagger and Jimi Hendrix partied in our living room and Rod Stewart wrote Maggie May in one of the bedrooms.’ Mark and Joanna moved into their home to find themselves surrounded by treasures from its past which they wanted to integrate into the scheme. The end result, created with the help of interior designer Camilla Kelly, is beautifully original in every way. From the eclectic combination of 21st Century furniture, to the inventive placement of artwork and contemporary rugs; this space truly lives up to its A-list credentials.

Contemporary Rug

The living area

This vibrant space is all about focal points. The graffiti inspired artwork with its vivid yellow, is reflected in the glamorous ottoman from, which book-end the original plasterwork fireplace. The whole area is perfectly balanced but has the ease of not being entirely symmetrical, with non-matching chairs neatly framed by a luxury rug.

Contemporary Rugs | Bazaar Velvet

The dining space is given its own character with a gallery wall of drawings created by its last inhabitant, and gorgeous pendant lights from Tom Dixon. With the table pushed against the wall, there is no space for a full-sized rug underneath, but a faux cowhide runner has been cleverly used to add some warmth. (Available from Bazaar Velvet)

Contemporary Rug

The Hallway

This area is surely a lesson in the effective use of shape. The round rug, the round table, the round pendant, all these different layers create a halo effecting, drawing attention to those stunning pillars designed by Sir John Soane.

Contemporary Rug

The Children’s Room

The idea behind the nursery was to create a multi-functional space where the children could play together yet have their own personal areas too. Each child has their own small storage and display areas surrounding their bed with a fun oversized headboard. The daytime area is then gently separated off by using a fun contemporary rug, perfect for sitting on to play with toys.

Contemporary Rugs

The Master Bedroom

A restrained attitude to the interior design of this space has resulted in the creation of a tranquil refuge. The textured throw and contemporary rug, the patterned ottoman and coloured curtains -all the design elements are present but used sparingly. A sense of fun is added by a bright Marilyn Monroe pop-art. Just one of many unexpected, inspired little touches that make this contemporary Manor building a Rock and Roll haven with class.


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