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Bespoke Rug | Bazaar Velvet

Every bespoke rug project at Bazaar Velvet has its own unique and exciting back story. Each brings an original array of fresh inspirations, new challenges and happy surprises. One of these such projects was with renowned Architecture and Interior practice Carr and Poth. They came to us with a brief for an edgy bespoke rug to be placed in a modern Marylebone home. Their California based client had recently purchased this London base with help of popular US television programme ‘House Hunters’. The projects aim was to harness the client’s enthusiasm for the city and her fun and vibrant personality.
edgy designer rug    
Left: Our ‘Street Art Maid’ Floor Art Collection rug, Right: It’s bespoke rug counterpart
At the centre of the home was a large open plan living area with high ceilings, large windows and a vast expanse of white rubber flooring. This blank canvas was a complete dream for designer Laura at Carr and Poth, as well as the design team at Bazaar Velvet. Laura recognised the opportunity to use a statement rug, and sought out Bazaar Velvet to create this for her. Our subsequent design meetings resulted in the decision to take our inspiration from the Street Art of London. The client loved the idea, and we created for her a fun and edgy piece based on the work of Graffiti Artist Banksy. We introduced colours into the design from various elements of the room including designer furnishing fabrics.
Bespoke Rug | Bazaar Velvet
The rug itself was created entirely by hand over a period of 4 months in our workshop in Nepal. This gave the design a surface full of character and the ability to withstand decades of use. Furthermore, the rug provided numerous design solutions to the space, adding comfort to the seating area and separating it from the rest of the room. The quirky design filled the void left by a lack of artwork, creating a focal point and bringing personality to the room.  We were delighted to see the finished result of our efforts in the House Hunters programme; an outstanding rug in an outstanding home, both perfect for their owner.
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