Flowers Underfoot – Bespoke Rug

andrews rug collage


A vibrant London artist came to Bazaar Velvet with a wonderful unique design prospect. He specialised in artworks depicting natural forms and was eager to translate one of his amazing pieces into a form in which it had never been created- a hand knotted rug. After investigating many other rug design companies, he chose Bazaar Velvet with the confidence that we had the skills, experience and high quality manufacturing that could successfully create a piece that would meet his very high standards.

When faced with such a complex image, our main objective was to simplify it into a form suitable to be used as a rug design. To understand this, you have to envisage how the rug will be made. Each colour used will have to be individually hand dyed, being stirred over a fire for several days before being re-spun ready to be used in the hand knotting process. The different coloured yarns will have to be constantly interchanged as the design is followed, as the Nepalese weavers work along the loom in rows. Therefore, the more colours used the more complicated the process becomes, requiring a high level of skill and concentration.

At Bazaar Velvet, we have the facility to use a very wide range of colours, many more than is offered by the majority of other producers. Even so, using every single one of the millions of different shades featured in the painting is just not possible. Therefore, our aim was to retain both the mood of the painting as well as its textures and subtle colour variation. This was not a simple task, and required a dedicated team of designers drawing from both their traditional artistic skills as well as their deep knowledge of our specialist design programme. As the design took shape different yarn effects and highlights of silk were added, which would add an extra dimension to the finished piece.

In time, a small selection of viable design options was shown our very discerning client, using realistic computer visualisations and wool colour poms. Of course, being based on one of his own works, he was eager that our designs would show a good likeness to his painting. However, he was delighted with what we had achieved, and it wasn’t long before the client instructed us to commence with the making process. After numerous weeks of craftsmanship, our clients dream rug became a reality. The definition and detail achieved was absolutely breath-taking. From the delicate veins of the flowers to the soft washes of watercolour, the rug really caught the magic of the original artwork, much to the delight of the artist himself.

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