Geometric Hand Knotted Rugs for Autumn 2017

Hand Knotted Rug - bazaar velvet

The thrill of a new visit to the magnificent country of Nepal last year, gave us a fresh burst of inspiration for a stunning new collection to be released this Autumn- geometric hand knotted rugs full of personality.
hand knotted rugs | Bazaar Velvet
In Nepal, colour really is everywhere. From the bustling market places to the Buddhist temples, and of course the continually crisp blue skies. We have interpreted this riot of colour in a range of exuberant new designs, combining energetic tones with modern neutrals that fit seamlessly with contemporary styles.
geometric hand knotted rugs
Throughout the design process, we have constantly referred to the current and future trends of interior design, whist retaining our original design vision. Endless sampling and advanced computer visuals have enabled an unprecedented level control over the design process, allowing us to tweak every detail, striving for perfection. We can be confident that our designs unique blend of simplicity and sophistication will allow the characteristic beauty of the Hand Knotted Rug to shine through.
hand knotted rugs
We are passionate believers in the many handmade methods that are skilfully performed to create our rugs. The carding, the spinning, the dying, the hand knotting, the finishing- each and every step brings an extra dimension of character and soul. With all designs now sent to Nepal for creation, it is a joyous thought indeed that these hand knotted rugs will eventually go the full circle. Masterpieces without boundaries.
geometric hand knotted rugs

Above: Soho, by Bazaar Velvet Contemporary Rugs

We have four stunning new designs available, with sizes in stock or made to order. Their vibrant colours and designs make these rugs the perfect choice for creating a focal point in your room. Their maximalist design and hard-wearing construction are particularly good choices for a hallway or living room rug where you want to add an injection of personality. Try styling them in a white-based interior for maximum effect.

Buy Geometric Hand Knotted Rugs

These new geometric hand knotted rugs can be found in our Floor Art Collection. Browse the collection online or visit our London rug showroom to view the collection in person.
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