Go Back to Basics in 2016; Bring the Outside in

Some things never go out of style; and yes, we’re inclined to say that a hand-woven rug is one of them. But fashions do come and go. Thankfully, with so many interior designs leaning towards the industrial and the minimalist, the warmth and excitement of a statement rug can lighten up a hard interior, making even the sleekest of styles that little bit more inviting.

2016 looks set to start spicing up. Metallic fabrics, asymmetrical patterns and bright, bold, colourful designs – pulling their inspiration from nature – all have their place in 2016 interiors.

It promises to be an exciting year for interior design, giving you the chance to get a little creative with your choices.


Welcoming the natural world into your interior landscape might sound like something out of a 1940’s Disney movie; but its place in 2016 is in bringing colour and warmth to rooms.

This means much more than floral designs. Experimenting with asymmetry, texture and materials helps to bring a sense of movement and a wild disruptiveness to an otherwise ordered room.

On the more extreme side are pieces like those made by Argentian artist Alexandra Kehayoglou. She pieces together scraps from her father’s carpet factory to create rugs reminiscent of rolling fields, floating iceburgs and rolling lakes.


Photo credit: Alexandra Kehayoglou

Although this is a dramatic example, the idea carries into rooms beautifully.

We love the soft curves and the colour palette pulled straight from a beautifully blooming garden.

Heavy Metal

Diving deeper into the natural world… Much deeper, underground… The inclusion of metallic fabric in woven rugs brings an unexpected element of sparkle underfoot.

Whether it’s glimmers of silver, gold, or bronze, this style of rug can create pull disparate elements of a room together. Plus, metallic threads can fit with almost any material and any texture. They don’t need to be dominant or gauche to make an impression – as you can see, the effect of metallic fabric on an otherwise plain pattern can be subtle and striking.


Source: Pinterest, SerenaandLily


Mixing traditional glamour with modern luxury is a great way enjoy your interiors, without losing the comfort that makes a home a home. Rich colours mixed with distressed materials complements and contrasts perfectly; plus, this can be the ideal addition to a stark or industrial style room.

Looking to the past for inspiration is nothing new. Bringing patterns and colours up-to-date makes timeless pieces edgy, and enhances any modern style. This Persian Jewel Amber rug could add a contemporary twist to even the most traditional room.


Source: Bazaar Velvet

So, what will you bring to your interiors this 2016? Are there trends that we’ve missed? Or have you already mastered the art of wild urbanism yourself and have an interior you’d like to share?

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