How much is it worth?

Good quality carpets and designer rugs can be worth a lot of money, especially antique ones. (In the carpet world, antique is considered to be anything that is more than 80 years old.) Earlier this month, a New York auction witnessed four bidders fighting over a 17th Century Persian rug. It eventually sold for £21.8m, to an anonymous buyer: triple the previous auction record for a carpet.

The antique carpet, dated to the first half of the 17th Century, is believed to originate from South-eastern Iran, with a rare ‘vase’ pattern and unusual red background.

If that piece of news just got you very excited about your grandmother’s carpet, you should know that since antique rugs vary so much in quality, it’s almost impossible for the average individual to find out the true value of an antique rug on their own.

For example, your antique rug could be worth anywhere from £1,000 to £1 million. The size, dyes used in manufacture, and current design trends all play a part in determining value. Also similar-looking rugs may actually turn out to be worth very different amounts when examined closely.

For a sure sign of quality, make sure you invest in handmade rugs, which are a lot more valuable then those made by machines. Bazaar Velvet’s rugs are all hand knotted, take a look at our showroom: A sure way of checking whether your rug is handmade is by looking at the back; a handmade rug has the same, vibrant design as the front of the rug.

Another variable is the tightness of the weave or knot count; the more knots per square inch, the more valuable the rug. Intricate designs are also worth more, having taken months or even years to complete. Finally, take a look for a master designer signature that will be incorporated into design in the middle of the upper edge of the carpet.

For an accurate auction value, always contact an expert for a formal evaluation. Or, if you are looking to invest in a rug that might just be worth a fortune in a few generations, go for a high quality, hand knotted beauty.

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