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1508 London - Project Reuben

As a partner of renowned Interior design practice 1508 London with an incredibly lavish portfolio, Louise Wicksteed has certainly earned her place as one of the most respected interior designers in the world today. Her career began at the luxury development company Candy and Candy, and after more than 10 years in the field, she now helps to manage a team of 40 talented professionals at 1508 London. Their most noteworthy projects include the headquarters to a leading Global investment company, and of course the Decorex 2016 Champagne bar.
We have been privileged enough to have supplied our luxury rugs to this prestigious establishment in the past. 1508 London prides itself in its thoughtful collaboration with each client, and aims to create harmony with the buildings themselves to bring an individual sense of style to every project. Louise of course is very passionate about this message. ‘My job is to retain an awareness of each element from the practical to the emotive and bring the right ratio of each in order to create a considered whole.’
Louise Wicksteed 1508 interiors

Image source: 1508 London

Louise Wicksteed Interior Inspiration

Louise’s inspiration comes from a wide variety of sources. Her work is influenced by a range of different designers from the classical styles of Christian Lliagre and Joseph Dirand through to contemporary talents such as Kelly Wearstler. Being centred in London has also had a major impact on her work. She is a big fan of home grown brands such as Soane Britain, and likes to let her hair down with a visit to Alfies antique market in Marylebone or cocktails in Le Fumoir, Claridges. However, her horizons reach much further than our great city. She has enjoyed travels in India, East Africa and the USA, and has family based in Ibiza. She says ‘…wherever a project is located it is important it has a sense of place.’
Louise Wicksteed 1508 interiors

Image source: 1508 London


Louise Wicksteed Projects

Louise’s strong interior design ethos is retained throughout all her work, whether that be one of her famous yachts such as the 62 metre Benetti Candyscape II, a high end commercial space or luxurious home. A classic example can be found in ‘Project Pearl’, the redesign of a glorious regency villa in the heart of Belgravia.
Every room of this exquisite property is the absolute image of sophistication. A soft shell-like colour scheme fills spaces with a sense of serenity and lets the period features take centre stage. In the main sitting room, traditional decorative elements such as the guilt frames and breath taking 24-arm Marie Therese chandelier are offset by largely contemporary furnishings. An oversized luxury rug adds ideal barely-there pattern, and takes advantage of the rooms generous proportions.
Louise Wicksteed 1508 interiors

Image source: 1508 London

 Project Pearl is undeniably one of many success stories for 1508 London and Louise Wicksteed herself. And with her biggest project yet, a grand Hotel in Dubai currently in progress, we can expect great things for the future.

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