Luxury in the detail: Quality Explained

We are constantly overwhelmed by mass produced products available in the market place. Cheap throw-away items that pander to our whims, many of which come with an in-built life span. Bad for the environment, bad for our conscience. Then isn’t it refreshing when we find something that is built to last? Something one-off, that care and attention has gone into producing, that we will respond to with that same care. Nothing is more true of this than the hand knotted rug.

Many do not realise the full extent of the work and craftsmanship that is necessary to create a hand knotted rug. It is a process that takes several months, with dozens of different people contributing their time, talent and expert skills; using methods that remain largely unchanged over the last few centuries. Each rug is part of a rich history that celebrates the culture and artistry of the area in which it is made.

Please see below for a video showing the incredible process of creating our premium Thibault Van Renne collection.

So what is the alternative? Many stores, even supposedly premium ones, are selling products with high price tags without the quality to match. Hand loomed, hand tufted, machine made… they may look acceptable from a distance but when compared to a hand knotted rug they are artificial and boring. They contain no bumps and ridges or subtle colour variation, looking more like a piece of foam that has come out of a mould. And the problems go deeper. After a handful of years or less, there will be visible wear, corners may start to curl, backings may start to crack. With a hand knotted rug, one that has been made with premium natural materials, there will be none of these problems. After all, they will have been made in the same way as any vintage rug that may be going to auction for several thousand pounds after decades of life. A quality hand knotted rug is an investment, and can be freely used and enjoyed without the worry of irreparable stains or damage. They are beautiful products; extremely serviceable, full of character, and a joy to own. There is no better quality than this.

BV 2

Thibault Van Renne for Bazaar Velvet

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