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Luxury hand-knotted rug in a contemporary London home

Luxury Rugs, Luxury Fabrics, Luxury Interiors- an opulent new interior design revolution has begun.
During the past few years our homes and stores have become flooded with minimalistic Scandinavian style furnishings. An aesthetic that was once refreshing, with its clean lines and simplistic forms, now no longer holds our interest. The alternative offering has been the hotel-chic look, championed by designers such as Kelly Hoppen. Layers of different shades of plain beige and grey may seem like an easy recipe for success, but only create unmemorable rooms lacking in personality.
Both styles have arguably outstayed their welcome. Now we are seeing a reaction, even a rebellion, against these long years of blandness, with a resurgence of pure glamour. Whether it be in the form of dark wood furniture, richly textured fabric or a luxury rug- a dash of drama is certainly what we all long for.

luxury rugs luxury fabrics

Twisted Classic Sari Silk luxury rug by Bazaar Velvet. Furniture and image by IJL Brown

Introducing new Luxury Rugs, Luxury Fabrics and Finishes

In the past, interior design trends have provided an excuse to shy away from pattern and colour. Texture layering has been sold as a method of adding depth to a room, but this is alone cannot achieve the level of complexity needed to form an opulent or intimate space. More than ever, homeowners and interior designers alike are demanding furnishings that push the boundaries of what can be accomplished in modern design. They seek imaginative colour schemes and intricate details, show stopping pieces.
This requirement is being fulfilled by various new collections being released this winter, such as Jane Churchills new Art Deco inspired fabrics for Colefax and Fowler, and Mathew Williams’ exciting new collaboration with Duresta furniture. Much of their inspiration comes from a bygone age, the luxury of royal palaces and stately homes with their mahogany, velvet and rich jewel tones.
Extravagant fabric design has encapsulated the fashion world too, with this seasons offerings featuring heavy embellishment, embroidery and baroque motifs. Just as no maximalist outfit is complete without bold jewellery, an interior requires accessorising too.

Gold Luxury Rug | Bazaar Velvet

Levantine Gold luxury rug by Bazaar Velvet

The field of rug design has certainly not escaped this mood of decadence. Style has moved on from the plain shiny rugs that once dominated even high end interiors. Many mistakenly associate this finish with luxury, but in fact the majority of these rugs are made by machine using inferior artificial materials- even if they are marketed as silk. In addition, they feature nothing of interest in regards to design. When compared to highly detailed, genuine silk luxury rugs such as those designed by Bazaar Velvet and Thibault Van Renne, they are a disappointment indeed, lacking in both style and quality.
In some ways, modern rug design is returning to its more traditional roots, with many designs taking extracts from motifs of antique Persian carpets. Simplicity is becoming less and less desirable, with rug designers taking advantage of new computer technology to become more and more daring in their experimentation.

Thibault Van Renne | Bazaar Velvet

Autumn Gold luxury rug by Thibault Van Renne and Bazaar Velvet

So for 2017, it is clear to see that change is afoot. A new generation of opulent products for the home invites us to say goodbye to the minimalism and restraint of interiors past, and give our spaces a glamourous transformation.

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