Make your house beautiful this Christmas.

Make your house beautiful this Christmas.

Times are still a bit tough for many people. But that does not mean that making your home beautiful should be compromised. Bazaar Velvet prides itself on the affordability of its beautiful bespoke rugs. For the level of design and standard of craftsmanship involved, we believe that our rugs are some of the best priced in London. Here are a few ideas on how to make your house beautiful without spending too much. Naturally, rugs are our number one choice!

  1. Find something to crown the room: For many homes a beautiful rug may provide the centrepiece for your sitting room. Often we may compensate by cloistering the room with lots of stuff. However, most of the time this only serves to create a ‘chaotic’ feel. Instead of cluttering the room with ornamental pieces, a rug will suffice to open up your room whilst creating a spacious place that simultaneously feels properly furnished.
  2. Re-value objects of sentimental worth: When decorating the home, we often overlook those objects that provide us sentimental value. However, instead of stashing them up in the basement or marginalising them around the home, take stock of them instead and use them as decorative pieces. For example, you may have a cushion cover created by a son or daughter, or perhaps an old quilt that was sowed by a grandparent. These handmade items are great to have around the house, as they provide a sense of warmth and memory, as well as a unique personal story for visitors.
  3. Organise weekly gatherings: Turning your house into a meeting spot or a bi-weekly clubhouse may presents to you a range of perks. By holding regular get-togethers, you can turn your house into a friendly space fit to initiate the indulgences of the weekend away from your normal working routines. You could also use these hours as an opportunity to invite your neighbours round and generally commingle with the people in your area.
  4. Create an open space: The simple psychology of the matter is that, if your living space is crowded and cloistered in a vast array of ornaments and general clutter, then similarly you’ll feel crowded and unsettled. Creating an open space in your main living areas allows you a greater freedom around the house, as well as of the mind.
  5. Comfort is key: Furnishing your living room and bedroom with cushions and other creature comforts is a great way to remind yourself that you’re in a space that encourages relaxation and replenishment, away from the heavy demands of day-to-day life. So, go mad with those scatter cushions and soft, plush duvets to encourage a soothing, stress free environment.

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