Aubusson Antique Rug - 3353

Dating from the mid 19th Century this beautiful open design antique Aubusson carpet is in very good condition. An exquisite large Aubusson with a wonderful musical theme throughout the design which would indicate that it was possibly commissioned for use in a large music room. Each corner has a different musical instrument within the cartouche, and the medallion features a multitude of instruments. Woven using delicate colours which have faded beautifully over the last 170 years.

There is one area of repair which has been completed to a very high standard and does not detract from the overall beauty and rarity of this Aubusson tapestry carpet.


  • Date: Circa 1850
  • Size: 538 x 419 cm / 17’7” x 13’8”
  • Material: Wool


Aubusson is a town on the Creuse River in central France and it has been famed for its carpets as well as tapestries since the 15th century. Aubusson carpets made in tapestry technique are among the most elegant antique floor coverings. The true date when the production of flat woven tapestry Aubusson carpets in France began is not known.


Note: the rug size listed in the dropdown menu is approximate, see above for exact product dimensions

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