Benniz Berber Rug - Purple

With its gorgeous fuchsia purple colour, this is a truly outstanding Berber rug. It is a unique one-off piece, available only in this large rug size. Our Benniz Berber Collection is a credit to the skills of the Beni Quarain Tribe, with each piece created in the Atlas Mountains of Morocco. They are unmistakable, with their simple diamond design and gorgeous shaggy wool pile, dyed to give a natural colour variation. Kelim ends and fringes provide the finishing touch to these wonderfully charming and attractive rugs.


  • Hand Knotted
  • Hand Dyed Wool
  • Shaggy Pile Approx. 4cm


As this is a unique one-off rug, we have just one item available and additional pieces cannot be made to order.
The rug size listed below is approximate, the exact product dimensions are 425x290cm.




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