Farahan Antique Rug – 7137


A beautiful late 19th century long Kelleh carpet from Farahan, western Persia with a soft green border and lighter outer borders.  The main field background colour is deep blue with pale blue, yellow and soft orange flowers and leaves used on the small repeating Herati design.  Some lovely dye change in the green border too, this often happens on larger antique carpets as dyes would run out as they were weaving and different shades were used. This adds great character to an antique carpet.

The pile height is very good and high all over, with the overall condition very good indeed.  This longer narrow antique carpet would look remarkable placed with a dining table on it or in a drawing room or entrance hall.  A classical and stunning carpet over 100 years old.


  • Date: Circa 1890
  • Size: 500x240cm
  • Materials: Wool


Farahan or Fereghan carpets are unlike their neighbours Sarouk which are more formal often using an elaborate central medallion. Fereghan weavers preferred floral motifs of shrubs and vines using more green dyes and hints of yellow.  Fereghan or Farahan rugs were woven in the Arak district which was once the capital of Persia.  They wove a variety of designs with Sarouk-Farahan rugs more classical in their structure often with medallions and elaborate scrolling corner designs the rugs from Malayer and Fereghan used more palmettes, shrubs and geometric motifs.  The famous ‘Herati’ design was common a design used on Farahan carpets dating back to the 16th century depicting two fish swimming around a water-lily, which over the centuries has been stylised to a flower and two leaves.


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