Folding Sky No. 03 Rug – Sandblast Pastel Sun

From: £3,570.00

PastelSun is our unique innovative color graduation of all rainbow colors in the pattern on various light grey tones in the background. For starters here is a short explanation of this collection: we shot pictures of the sky in the streets outside of our RUG STAR office in Berlin-Mitte, I think this was in 2010. Went inside, printed them, folded the paper sheets, scanned the results, and started the digital design process from there. We looked for the expected and emotional shifts in texture by layering analog and digital processing in our design work. Always leave space for a miracle, a good friend of mine used to say and we use this as an ingredient since then. .The collection has three main designs and countless variations in color, material, and technique executions. Started as a Tibetan collection, most of the latest developments are produced in Persian weave in our workshop in Jaipur, Rajasthan

  • Hand Knotted
  • Persian Knot
  • 9/9 knot/inch
  • 65% Chinese Silk, 35% Bikaner Wool
  • 9mm Pile Depth


Choose from the sizes below or have this rug made to order in bespoke sizes for £1983 per square meter (30-39 week lead time, price includes 20% uplift for bespoke)

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