Gum Gum Flatweave Rug - Pink and Purple

With its bright pinks and purples, this playful modern rug is sure to add a spark to your living space. It is a one-off rug, just one piece is available in the size listed below. Each of our flatweave rugs, or sometimes referred as ‘kelims’ are created entirely by traditional methods. A team of skilled artisans prepare and dye the wool by hand, then construct the rug from hand tied knots, giving every piece a characterful woven texture. These rugs are cool and casual and are a perfect way to express your personal style in your room.

  • Hand Knotted Flatweave
  • Gazni Afghan Wool
  • Pile Height 5mm


As this is a unique one-off rug, we have just one item available and additional pieces cannot be made to order.

The rug size listed below is approximate, exact product dimensions are 290x194cm

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