Heriz Antique Rug - 9604

With amazing jewel like rich colours, this finely woven antique Heriz carpet is in near perfect condition.  A fabulous high wool pile height all over this beautiful 120 year old carpet.  Hand-woven with natural dyes which are truly exquisite, quite rare to see these lovely green corner spandrels and the golden scrolling vines around the main medallion are stunning too!

It is getting increasingly rare to find antique Persian Heriz carpets of this quality in such original condition. Fringes have been stopped and the carpet washed, but no other fixes were needed.


  • Date: Circa 1900
  • Size: 370x290cm / 12’1″x9’6″
  • Material: Wool


50 kilometres south of the city of Heriz lies another city called Sharabian.  This city was known for producing much finer and tightly woven Heriz carpets with intricate designs and excellent dyes. Woven in East Azerbaijan (North-West Persia) these decorative Heriz carpets have always been regarded as beautiful, tough objects of decoration for the floor.  This piece is no exception, beautifully hand-woven which gorgeous colours of yellow, pale blues and warm red tones.  In outstanding condition throughout, this carpet has been used over the last 100 years and has just been professionally washed by our workshop.

The reason Heriz rugs are so tough is that Mount Sabalan is located close to Heriz and sits on a major deposit of copper. Traces of copper in the drinking water for the sheep produces high quality wool that is far more resilient than wool from other areas.


Note: the rug size listed in the dropdown menu is approximate, see above for exact product dimensions

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