Tabriz 'Hadji Jalili' Antique Rug - 2674

A very beautiful carpet by the Tabriz master weaver – ‘Hadji Jalili.’ Carpets woven from this workshop are very fine in their execution, and were always made using excellent dyes that have mellowed beautifully. The soft palette is due to the carpets age, woven around circa 1880 the dyes would have originally been much stronger and almost red in places. The indigo blue dyes do not fade as much and highlight the carpets elaborate central medallion.

  • Date: Circa 1880
  • Size: 383 x 282 cm / 12’6” x 9’3”
  • Material: Persian Wool


This carpet is in very good condition for its age, with no major restoration or areas of repair. The ends and sides are also original and have not been replaced. This elegant classical carpet would look wonderful in a drawing room or under a dining table.

Rugs and carpets have been made in Tabriz for centuries, but it has only been a major producer since the mid 19th century. Tabriz is located in the north-west of Persia.


Note: the rug size listed in the dropdown menu is approximate, see above for exact product dimensions

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