Untitled Rug - Lemon and Lime Zest

This zesty yellow and green colour-block rug is part of a new collection inspired by the modernist Colour Field. The outdoor landscape forms the basis of these multi-form paintings, giving them a natural rawness. Every region of colour is a perfect compliment to its surroundings, and is chosen to uplift and excite.

Each ‘Untitled’ rug is created entirely by hand, adding richness and texture to the body of the design. The natural sheen of Himalayan Wool and Chinese Silk is the perfect match for intense dye colours. In keeping with ancient rug tradition, this exquisite material is hand carded, hand spun, then hand knotted to form a rug that can last a lifetime.

Statement rug art at its finest.


  • Hand Knotted
  • Tibetan 100 Knot
  • 70% Himalayan Wool, 30% Chinese Silk
  • Hand Carded and Hand Spun
  • 10mm Pile Height


Choose from the sizes below or have this rug made to order in any bespoke size and colour for £938 per square meter (16-18 week lead time)

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From: £2,025.00


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