Ushak Antique Rug - 7493

An unusual square antique Ushak carpet from Western Anatolia with glorious soft red and green colours.  One of the largest rug production areas since the Ottoman Empire, Ushak designs tend to be more open than Persian rugs and softer dyes are not uncommon.  Often younger Ushaks or Oushaks will be rich red in colour and use bolder geometric designs.  This good condition Oushak carpet or Ushak has a good wool pile throughout the majority of the carpet, with only a few lower areas of pile.  Dating from around 1910-1920 a wonderful open decorative carpet which would suit a traditional or contemporary room.


  • Date: Circa 1910
  • Size: 310x305cm / 10’2″ x 10′
  • Material: Wool


Ushak rugs and carpets were woven in the Anatolian highlands south of Istanbul where they used extremely soft wool and using the larger turkish knot made them weave more open designs than Persian carpets. They are increasingly desirable today due to their open designs and wonderful colours, thus making them easy to place in a drawing room or under a dining table.


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