Ziegler Antique Rug – 4825


Antique Ziegler carpet, Persia, Circa 1880 – These are famous carpets due to a visionary Swiss businessman who In 1883 used his company Ziegler and Co, of Manchester, England to establish a Persian carpet manufacture in Sultanabad Persia. Which employed designers from major western department stores such as A B. Altman & Co of New York and Liberty, to modify 16th- and 17th-century Eastern designs for the more restrained western taste.

  • Date: Circa 1890
  • Size: 427 x 315 cm / 14’ x 10’4”
  • Material: Persian Wool


Using highly developed dying techniques, and the best artisans from the region, the Ziegler Co created rugs with bold, decorative all-over patterns and with softer palettes than their vibrant Persian counterparts. Taking the small intricate patterns of finer persian carpets and enlarging the floral motifs to use on these Zieglers.

This antique Ziegler carpet has been woven with an elegant central motif surrounded by floral vines and palmettes. The open space in the rest of the main field makes this a more open piece which is not as fussy as some Persian carpets can be. The warm indigo blue border has a good array of dyes and abrash, which is the term for dye change. Abrash is common in antique carpets and rugs due the dyes having oxidized over 100 years and the various batches of wool that have been used. The condition of this antique carpet is good, some areas of lower pile and wear but no major restoration. The ends have been secured professionally and the sides or selvedges as they are known have also been tidied. Woven around 1880 – 1890 the subtle colour and simplistic design would make this easy to put into a formal or less traditional room.


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